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Peter smiled as he read off the contents of the license, "Casey Smith, 19 years old, 150 pounds, 5 feet 7 inches tall.." Laughing he tossed it down next to the struggling girl's head, and admired the young beauty, "Too bad you had to be driving so late at night on such a deserted road... with such a convenient farmhouse nearby!"

The girl moaned and struggled, the gag in her mouth preventing any loud noise. Not that he needed her quiet, they were miles away from anyone else, but he liked how it gave him even more control. The man dressed in a cop uniform walked around behind the naked girl, admiring her spread legs, kept that way because each ankle was tied to a table leg. Her hands were cuffed behind her back and her fingers twitched as she strained to look over her shoulder at what he was doing.

Laughing again, he pressed himself against her... although he fully clothed she could feel his hard dick pressing against her asscrack, his hands slid under her naked body and cupped her full breasts as he began mimicking the sex act, his dick getting harder as he rubbed against her. The young girl moaned and sobbed, disgusted by the slightly overweight man behind her, angry at herself for being tricked by his fake squad car and sirens, and terrified of ever getting out of this alive.

He got more and more excited as he pressed himself against her helpless body, finally forcing himself to pull away from her. Peter didn't want the fun to end too quickly... especially not this first time.

Walking over to the table with the various items of fun, he selected a very large dildo. About 10" long, it was a good 3" around with two large prongs that extended to about 4". Walking around to the front of the table he held it out for her to see, practically giggling with glee.

"Let's play a game," he caroled, "I'll see how much of this I can get into your pussy. If I can get it all the way in, I'll fuck your ass. If not, I'll see how much of it'll fit into your ass before I fuck your pussy!"

The girl sobbed around the gag, terrified at the huge dong that he'd just shown her, knowing that it was going to hurt like hell. That thing was so huge it might kill her... she didn't think her poor young pussy had ever been stretched that much.

"Here we go Casey!" Peter began to press the dong against her pussy hole, the first of the prongs stretching her out. Casey groaned as the incredible pressure began, her pussy feeling grotesquely large as it stretched around the first prong, closing over it and then spreading again to go over the next one.

Peter twisted and turned the dong as he pushed it inwards, completely entranced as her small pink pussy slowly swallowed the huge thing. With much work and effort, accompanied by muffled groans and protests on her part, Peter actually managed to work the entire thing into her body. Casey fairly quivered with effort, her stomach felt bloated and distended, her pussy overly stuffed and sore.

Clapping his hands with glee, Peter pulled his pants down, admiring the base of the dong just barely sticking out of her body. Pussies were really amazing things. It was almost too bad he wasn't going to stick his dick into this one right now.

Taking a bottle of lubricant, he thoughtfully pushed the head of it into her asshole and squeezed. Casey moaned as liquid gushed inside her, dreading the thought of this fat older man shoving his dick into her ass... especially because she was already sweating from being overly full in her poor pussy.

Lining himself up, Peter hummed a little tune to himself as he began to force his dick into her tight ass, the fit even more snug because of the dong filling her other hole. Casey began screaming again as his dick began to cram itself into her, suffering painful cramping from having her lower regions so uncomfortably full. Fortunately there wasn't any tearing because of all the lube that he'd squirted into her, but it also meant that Peter was able to slide into her easily, although her ass tightened down on him it didn't repel the invasion at all.

Casey sobbed at the indignity of it all, her poor young pussy stuffed with a monstrous dildo, while this fat old man sodomized her. Beauty and the Beast indeed.

Peter pumped away at her tight young ass with abandon, enjoying himself thoroughly as the girl wriggled and squirmed beneath him, her asshole tightening on him pleasurably at intervals. Moving faster, he reached around and grabbed her squishy boobs, squeezing them hard while he thrust hard into her tight hole. His face screwed up in concentration he gasped as he began squirting milky cum into her ass, thrusting all throughout his orgasm.

Underneath him, the young girl sobbed as he collapsed on top of her, warm and flabby against her naked body.


That night, as Casey drove home, her pussy and ass throbbing, she realized she was lucky to get out alive. And that night, just as she had every night before it, she vowed that she would never return to that deserted road late at night. But even as she made the promise, she knew she would break it. She never had orgasms as fantastic as the ones she did when that perverted, deranged old man did awful things to her body. Although it would take days for her pussy to feel normal again, it had been the best orgasm yet.
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