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Panting like an animal, she slammed the door shut behind her and stood in the hallway. She was on fire. Every part of her, consumed, remembering the day at work. Jokingly stopping by the base with her girlfriends... then getting lost in the ordered mass of men. Waiting back, even when Katie and the others had left. Hearing the repetitive echo of boots on the field, on concrete. Sensing the muscles rippling under each starched, camouflaged uniform. Hearing them sweat. Sitting there in the twilight, waiting, hoping... and getting.

"Honey, that you?" her boyfriend called from the kitchen. "Dinner's in the oven, I was going to wait, but-"

He paused in the doorway. Knowing the fire in her eyes, the wild curl of her hair, the open mouth. He stuttered over his last word, almost afraid, as, catlike, she turned to him, grinning evilly. Then approached, bumping into the side table in her haste. She grabbed him by the shirt, so hard she felt her nails scrape across his chest. Spinning him, then pushing him mercilessly down onto the couch.

"Kneel," she hissed. "Now." Hesitating, shuffled off the couch, and slowly put one knee down, then the other.

"Honey, what-"

"Quiet." She slipped her hands down to her side, hiking up her skirt. "Look, boy. And guess where I went today?"

She put both hands on the inside of her thighs, trailing them up to her wet warmth. Taking a few fingers to each side of her aching mound, she pulled apart. The heat practically dripped from her, she could feel it string from one lip to the next, and knew that he could see it too.

"The army base..." he mumbled.

"That's right," she replied. "Now open your mouth... wider. There you go!"

He knelt, face inches from her aching core. She smiled secretly, hearing the zip of his jeans, knowing how much this would turn him on. She reached down and tangled her fingers through his curls, missing the short, formal army haircut, knowing remembering would inspire her fire to an even more intense blaze. And all that frustration would be vented now, into his mouth, and onto his face.

She stood there. Pale legs sending a long shadow across the room, her skirt bunched around her waist, stomach still heaving, holding the head of a man, kneeling before her. It was time. She pulled him right into her. He muffled a yelp of surprise as she practically pushed him into her. She felt her lips spread over his mouth, then his nose, as she desperately rubbed him in her wetness, feeling each fold flick slickly over each bump on his face. "Stick out your tongue," she hissed through gritted teeth, still grinding his face into her core. Her juices were flowing unstoppably, his breath coming ragged, sloppy with an occasional smack. She even heard him swallow.

She shuffled backwards, loosening her grip and feeling him gasp for breath. His face was covered in her. Slick, glistening traces of her were smeared over his nose, his cheeks, and his mouth. His face belonged to her... to her hot, furious core.

"I said stick out your tongue." Hesitating, his tongue slipped out of his mouth. Her hands tightened in his hair again, though this time she pulled down, her other hand pushing on his forehead so his neck was bent back against the couch. "Further, boy."

Lewdly, she shuffled forward again, knees bent, until she was directly over his mouth. Looking down, she noticed his hands, one holding down his jeans, the other wanking off his hard, somewhat small, dick. "Open me," she hissed. His hands came up along her legs, then reached her glistening mound. Slowly, he pulled the thin, trembling lips apart. She was so wet she could feel the suction pop as they parted. "Keep your tongue all the way out!"

With him holding her apart, and her hands practically forcing him into the couch, she guided her dripping hole over his long tongue. She felt it slip in, and shivered, then kept pushing down, down until his tongue was completely inside her, then even further, so her whole weight was forcing him right against her. The grit of his teeth made her grind just a little rougher, and she watched him take each thick, slippery drip down his tongue and into his throat. Again, he swallowed, and she groaned. A deep, passionate rumble born of lust.

"Good boy," she hissed. "But not as good as..." she realized she had slipped, and looked down. He held her apart with two fingers, while the other hand had moved back to his hardness. "Turned on, are we?"

He moaned, and muffled some response into her. She got even wetter, squatting into his mouth, the strain on her thighs pulling her apart further. He must be drowning, she thought.

Pulling off of his mouth, she only took a second to see herself glistening on him in the dark room. She turned, and sat down, pulling herself to the edge of the couch. "Come here."

He spun around, and lowered his mouth back to her. "MMMMmmmmm." Casually, she threw one leg over his shoulder, and lifted the other one up, bent and propped against the side cushion. His mouth went back to work, opening and closing, moving side to side... his tongue slipping in and out, and he would occasionally suck, even slurp, at her.

Her fingers reached behind his head, then held him against her. She wanted to be sure he couldn't move away... "So let me tell you what happened." His moan seemed almost disapproving, upset even, and when she looked down at him, she saw his eyes seemed slightly panic-stricken. He probably hadn't expected her to actually do anything. But his shoulder was still rising and falling rhythmically, and she could hear the light pop of his wetness as he got himself off.

"Mmmmm. Jack off that cock of yours, boy. Let me see it, let me see you getting off while I tell you about... sucking, that army guy." He squirmed, but her tight grip just adjusted him even deeper into her. She could feel his every breath hiss through his nose, his tongue probe every part of her hot core. Sucking, sloppy, at her wetness while he breathed in, warming it as he breathed out. God it felt good.

"So I was down at the base. With the girls." Knowing what she was about to do made her even hungrier, and she started grinding, thrusting, rhythmically, against his open mouth. He followed the determined rise and fall of her hips. "God, those guys are hot. You with those little business suit and tie outfits...but them. That camo, and all that gear. Starched, ready to fight, ready to take on anything. They were fit, and trained. Unlike you... these were men."

Leaning to the side and looking down, she could see his hand moving. Because he was kneeling, it looked even smaller, almost lost in the pull and push of his hand, and the V of his undone zipper. His head was glistening bright red; it was revealed every time he pulled down, and a little more precum made it shine all the brighter. She wondered if he would keep going once she got to the details. She leaned back, listening to the rustle of his hand against his shirt, and the slick pop as he sucked one of her lips into his mouth and teased it with his tongue.

"So the girls...we each picked a man. Joking, laughing. Mine was about my height... thinner than the rest, but he was running faster. He was clearly a leader. The others followed his every twist and turn." And he had been hot, too. A fine, sculpted figure... with a strong Italian face. She had no remorse for what she had done. What she had done to him. "It started to get late, and they headed into the barracks. The girls headed back to their cars, and I told them I'd take my own car home. But my boy... pardon, my man, he stayed out to clear up some stuff. And he came right up the bleachers."

She looked down again. All she could see was the top of his hair, and the occasional flash of her fingers in his dark curls. Her knees were both bent, and spread wide... so that only the very top of his nose slipped from the top of her mound with every thrust. She watched, both hands tight against him, as she massaged him into it. He was more intense with himself now, too... one hand holding down his trousers as the other jackhammered back and forth. She could see from the angry redness, and thick swelling, of his head, that he was going to explode.

"Do you want to hear what happened, honey?" she added sarcastically. "Do you?" His head nodded almost indiscernibly, but she felt his hummed answer reverberate deep into her.

"Look at me, then," his eyes opened and peered up. He must have been imagining what she had done. "If you want to know... you have to pay a small... price. Lick. My. Ass."

She pushed him back briefly, then shuffled down even further so her neck was pressed into the middle of the cushion. She could still see... as she lifted her hips lewdly. This was her kink. Well, one of them. And she knew he'd have to go for it.

As she watched, his face pulled away from her. She was so wet strings of come dripped from his mouth to her lips. He kept his tongue out, slick. And with an imperceptible nod, lowered his head... and then she felt it. The sheer taboo of it sent a shiver up her body. His tongue slipped over each tiny bump, each tiny crease in that forbidden bud. "Stick it in," she hissed. And... he did.

Squirming, reveling in the dark sensation, she let his tongue glide over her, then push, hard, trying to maneuver into that tightness. And when it would slip in... she relaxed, taking him deeper. His mouth was against her asshole. And still, he was getting himself off. At that moment, another, even darker, memory, rose to the surface. Later, she thought, then began her story again.

"I wanted him. I wanted to taste him. I wanted to suck him. So when he came up...well-" his tongue pushed in again and she thrust, desperate, against him. "-My legs were open. He could see me. See every detail and fold, the wetness that I'm having you suck from me now."

"We hardly even talked. He glanced over his shoulder, and saw that the field was empty. Then he asked, no, ordered, me to 'get on my knees.' And I did. Because he was a man." She couldn't take it anymore. Her heat was crying out, and while his tongue circled her ass... she pulled him back into her, rubbing her nose so that it slipped into her sopping hole. Thrusting, forcing her come back onto his face. She was going to drown this boy, her... bitch. And all the while he would be jacking himself off, wanting her to fuck his face.

"So there I was. On my knees, night falling. Kneeling before this rippling form of a man, smelling his sweat, lost in the pattern on his camo. I hear the scratch of Velcro, and he undid his belt, then I saw it. I saw his dick."

His face was buried in her, and she knew he could hardly breathe, but she kept fucking him. Feeling his nose dip into her, almost bubbling as he breathed, and his tongue, now sucking at her puckered asshole. Her whole body clenched and unclenched. She reached a hand down, remembering her evening with the private, remembering the taste of him. Then, with one slick finger, she started rubbing her clit, matching her pace against her boy's face, feeling her nail scratch over his forehead as she humped him.

"He was huge. It practically uncurled as he pulled it out. His head was thick, and he wasn't even hard yet but longer than that," she pulled a hand out of his hair and gestured loosely towards his crotch. His pace was furious, his hand slick, his come practically streaming out and lubricating his hand until the squelch squelch squelch of it was impossible to ignore. "And his balls. They just sat there, so big, crowning everything. Shaved like everything else. This was a true man. I leaned forward, and took them into my mouth, hearing him sigh as my tongue toyed with each of them."

"I could feel his dick getting hard. It grew, sliding up my face, so impossibly big. I could feel every vein on him pulsing. And then he put his hands in my hair, pulling me back, and rubbing the tip of it on my mouth. Without words, telling me to open up. And I did. He slid it into my mouth, which I had to open so wide my jaw still hurts. But I liked it. I tasted him like that, I sucked on him, until he was at his hardest. Just like I made you do to me earlier, when I made you kneel, I grabbed your head and fucking took your mouth."

She was burning up, getting so damned close, feeling the screaming pulse as fluid seemed to pump from some deep part of her, building up to be released. "Then he sat down. And like you, I turned, and started to suck him off. He was dying for it. I could hear him laugh and lean back to watch this girl suck him. Taste him. Take his come, which he whispered would drown me."

Her finger was flicking almost impossibly fast now. "Move your mouth back up. Move it up, boy! And open wide... I want you to take this like he made me take him." His mouth left the secret, wet folds of her ass and moved up to her heat. He must have practically suffocated. But she didn't care. She was going to fuck him. To drown him. Still getting herself off, her other hand pulled him in so tight she could feel his nose slip and bend with each of her hard thrusts.

"I was on my knees, taking this gigantic dick in my mouth. Lets see yours..." Awkwardly, he scooted over, his face still caught between her heaving thighs, but she could see how close he was as it pulsed, angry and red, glistening, his hand almost a blur. "But I couldn't take all of it. He pushed so hard into my mouth that I gagged, but I let him. I let him take me. My hands were on his knees, caught in the rough fabric of his camo, as his hand pumped my head up and down. But even then, I could only take half, so he moved his other hand to the bottom of his shaft. And jacked off into my mouth."

With that comment, her boy groaned into her, and she opened her legs, fucking him as hard as she could. She was delirious, now, sinking back to earlier that night and repeating his exact words to her. "Are you going to take this? HUH? Are you going to take my come?" Her bitch nodded, face turning red from how little he could breathe. "SAY IT!" He gurgled, just like she had, and she laughed.

She couldn't even talk now, eyes glazed over and humping his mouth, jerking herself off into his mouth. "Look at this, LOOK!" She pulled down her shirt, and showed him the light stain. "I couldn't even take all of his come, but you had better take all of mine." She closed her eyes now, feeling the wideness of his mouth slipping over her hole. Remembering that private as his groans got deeper and darker, until...

THERE. One shot pumped straight into the back of her throat, and she screamed, feeling her stomach tense, her body let loose. THERE. Another, filling her mouth, and the room spun, the flood begin to pulse and squirt. THERE. The private had pulled out and shot a long strand of his thick, army cum right over her face, over her eye, and down her shirt. That same familiar warmth splashed on her leg now. Through slitted eyes, she looked down and caught the flash of him, pulling down hard, moaning into her, as spurt after heavy spurt shot from him. She pulled her finger out from the slick mess below his forehead and grabbed his hair, pulling him in with both hands so he'd swallow it all. THERE.

THERE! "Shoot more for me!"

"Swallow all of it!!!"


Her world shattered. She felt every throb and pulse as her heat streamed out, every slurp and gulp as he swallowed her. His ears almost crunchd between her thighs as she squeezed him. And then...

Nothing. She was gone, soaring out somewhere far above the ceiling. Her hands let go of his hair, and he pulled back with a gasp. Her thighs shivered, and then, like the aftermath of an explosion, all her dissipated heat came crashing back into one intense, burning ember. She sat there, burning, shuddering for a few moments. Her core was on fire, clenching and unclenching like some forbidden flower. She opened her eyes, and as the room stopped spinning, and gained focus, she noticed the white wetness on her shin. His come... it was all over the carpet, too. He was kneeling, still, forearm on her knee, and panting. "Clean," she hissed, and lifted her leg up to his mouth.

She was fascinated with his submissiveness. She watched him intently as his mouth opened, without hesitation, and pressed against his own come. She felt the suction on her and heard the slurp as he took his own mess into his mouth. It felt... delicious. He had to take all of it. This was about her, and feeling him taste that brought the earlier, darker memory back to the surface. And, judging from the sudden pulse, the deeper, even more violent surge inside her, she realized she wasn't finished.

"Lie down."

As he rearranged himself, she pulled off her shirt and slipped out of her skirt. This fire was even more intense than the last. She knew she could have her way... and now, she was going to have it.

"Pull down your jeans all the way." He obliged, shuffling the denim down to his ankles. His dick was shrinking, still slippery and glistening, like a forbidden toy. She smirked, watching the skin bump over the ridge of his head, then sat down, straddling his knees, and grabbed it in her hand hard, revealing it all again. "We're going to have to get this little guy going again... and I know how you like stories. Let me tell you another." She started squeezing her hand around him, and felt a light pulse in response. "Today... it was one guy. But in the past... I had two."

He groaned and seemed to try and pull away, but the twitch in her hand let her know what he really wanted. He was growing again, now. "That's right. I had two army guys. Magnificent, buff, fucking amazing guys. They were both shipping off and just crashed my place the night before. And I knew what they wanted, because they showed me. They just unzipped their pants right there, pulled themselves out. And you know I had to. I saw how big they were, and how much I ache for army dick-" He twitched again, he was almost there now. She couldn't believe it. Here she was, telling her man her story, of her lust for army guys, and how she had indulged herself in the past. And it was getting him off. It was making him hard. Her hand was stroking him, now, feeling the velvety hardness of his dick, and the squelch that was starting again. She stared at it, watching as she continued her dark, evil story... and she felt her own pulse grow hotter, more urgent.

Soon, she thought.

"God they tasted good. I just shuffled forward on my knees and took it right in my mouth. The whole thing. I wanted to feel him get hard in my throat. I jacked the other one off with my hand, like this-" she stroked him more slowly. "-except it was bigger. I could barely fit my hand around it. You have no idea how that felt, having one cock growing, filling your mouth, making you almost gag, while another grows in your hand." He was so close to being ready for her, now... she wanted him to hurry, and reached her spare hand down and cupped his balls, rolling them slowly, but firmly, in her palm. "And you know the best part? They were wet. They hadn't gotten any in so damned long on base, and they knew I'd take their come. Their balls were so full they were leaking. And I sucked it all, as much as I could, at least. I'd pull off of one, feeling his juice still stringing from my lips, then take the other, deep in my throat. I'd swap back and forth, quickly, sometimes focusing on one then the other."

He was moaning now, his head growing slick and impatient, his ass coming up off the floor to meet each thrust of her hand. "But my favorite... my favorite was taking both. They'd stand right next to each other, and push at my mouth, stretching it open so I had two heads, two army dicks, right inside my mouth. I'd lick them, taste each, tease that little spot..."

Her hand stopped moving, and she looked back down at him. She'd gotten so lost in her story she'd forgotten what she wanted. What she needed. Smirking down at him, she scooted up, still holding him. With her knees on the floor, and her entrance poised right at the pulsing tip of him, she took it. Down she pushed, and felt his head slip into her, with hardly any resistance. And it went deep, quick. She let go of him and sat all the way down, burying his hardness in her. She could feel the twitch and pulse of it, now lost in the wet furnace of her core.

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