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Devaro was sharing a tavern wench with his newly married friend Mario. As a soldier, Devaro was the firm-bodied handsome young man that had never had trouble with women. Even the foolish wench he shared with his friend seemed to favor him as he spread her legs wide over the small bed and brought his strong fingers to her openly moist vagina, touching her in circulatory motions until she began to moan, even with her opened mouth firmly over Mario's groin, as Mario held the back of her neck, demanding she suck him harder.

The whore obeyed magnificently, and took in the full force of Mario's ejaculation before he dropped her head back onto the small bed and watched Devaro drop his pants before moving over the naked body of the slender whore.

Mario watched Devaro take full advantage of her breasts, and tease her body before he thrust his entire erection between her legs, along with his fingers that felt for her clit. Mario smiled at the scene as the whore moaned loudly, cumming before Devaro was even finished. What a simple conquest this whore had been, but even Mario understood her pleasure came from his beautiful friend Devaro.

As a newly married man, Mario had been disappointed by his 'boring' wife, and as he watched Devaro make this whore he had only met less than an hour ago scream and moan, he complained of his new wife, who did little more than lay there when he took her at night.

Devaro was sympathetic, but more interested in the wench, who suddenly tried to kiss him, of course he grabbed her wavy red hair and stopped her, pinning her body hard under his as he thrust even harder, causing her to scream once more before he finished.

Mario commented that his own wife never even once looked as if she enjoyed their bedroom activities, and it was then that the red headed whore mentioned a night with a man such as Devaro might cure her of that. They responded by demanding the whore shut her filthy mouth unless she planned to do something more useful with it, but the idea was planted, and suddenly Devaro and Mario were overtaken with the idea of sharing another woman.

His father had forced Mario into marriage, and the fact that his young wife was cold and shy left him resenting her. He wanted to hear her moan like the whores did, and he didn't mind if Devaro was the one to extract such a sound from the young wife's soft lips. As for Devaro, his attraction to his friends wife had grown with the suggestion, he had been to the couple's home many times for supper, and noticed her shyness, and he wondered just how shy she really was, and with Mario's consent, a plan was easily formed.

Lori, Mario's wife often spent afternoons with her own mother before returning home to the small farmhouse, where she would cook a meal for Mario before he returned from working the fields with his brothers, but little did she know Mario had returned early this day, and he hid away in a storage closet near the kitchen as Lori pulled a white apron over her red dress, but as she reached to light the stove she was shocked when someone grabbed her from behind, spinning her around.

Devaro had been waiting, wearing a mask over his eyes to keep her from guessing who he was, and when she screamed he was quick to cover her mouth, pulling her through the kitchen and into the bedroom she shared with her husband. The moment he released her and blocked the door she screamed again, but her resistance seemed delightful, and Devaro chuckled as if to taunt her.

"Quiet!" he ordered.

Lori began to shake as he came towards her, and her fear brought her to her knees near the corner of the bed.

"What do you want?" Lori demanded.

Devaro lifted a piece of rope from his long jacket pocket and her eyes widened at the sight of it. She begged profusely as he came over her, grabbing her arms and pulling them behind her back while forcing her face down onto the bed.

Lori cried sobbingly as the ropes grew tight around her wrists and she begged him to stop as he turned her onto her back and straddled her over her own bed. Her fears turned to horror when he lifted a sharp knife, and she screamed until he carefully placed the knife against her tongue.

Fearful of his threat Lori closed her mouth and shook in terror as he used the knife to cut open the top half of her dress, revealing her round breasts and thin abdomen. She cried again as he put the knife aside and fondled her breasts. He kissed her chest and suckled her pink nipples, making them firm. The way he touched her made it difficult for her body not to react, although she resisted.

Lori gasped as he lifted her up, just enough to tear her dress away from her torso, and sitting between his legs, restrained and half naked she could not cover herself as his wide eyes peered through the mask and raped her body on their own.

She flinched as his hands wandered her, and his mouth, kissing her neck and biting her earlobes. He wandered into her golden hair, pulling her braids free and bringing the soft locks down her back.

She begged him to stop through her tears again but it was as if he didn't hear her, and she continued to sob as he guided her back to the bed, and she watched as he removed his jacket and shirt, and then his belt. She looked at his magnificent chest, but as beautiful as he was he still frightened her.

"No." Lori wept as he pulled her up again, bringing her breasts into his chest.

Lori tried to lean her head back, fleeing his mouth as it came over her lips. But to her surprise his kiss was soft yet strong, and as he pushed his tongue into her mouth she was forced to open it. Devaro watched her eyes close as he pushed the kiss deeper, and as he felt her growing calm in his arms he moved a hand down her neck towards her abdomen, stopping briefly to cup one of her breasts.

Lori gasped and her eyes opened when she felt his hand between her legs, violating the folds of her vagina. She tried to get away again but he held her in the deep kiss, massaging her most private feature as if he knew it. He released her from his kiss and smiled when he felt the moisture from her vagina building over his fingers. He watched her face as she blushed, ashamed of it and she turned her head away.

Devaro carefully guided her to the bed again, lifting her until her head was on a pillow, but never removing his hand from between her legs, where he had discovered her clit as it emerged from the folds of her vagina.

When Devaro suddenly stopped Lori panicked again, wondering what was next as he turned her face towards him and studied her tears. He released her face and she watched as he removed his pants, and the sight of his readied erection caused her to burst into tears again, shaking her head and begging for him to do no more. Devaro responded by abruptly pulling her panties to her ankles, and then the remainder of her gown followed them.

Naked, Lori watched him at the foot of the bed as he took the time to stroke his own penis, bringing it to an even larger state, frightened she took the opportunity to sit up, edging backwards as she struggled against the rope restraining her wrists. Devaro began to come around the bed for her, and she cried out of fear again, bringing her knees to her chest, trying to hide, and she felt shocked as he suddenly grabbed her hair and pulled her. She landed at his feet, and she looked up pleadingly as she struggled to her knees.

"Please don't." she pleaded, "My husband..."

"Get up." Devaro instructed, lifting his knife again.

Hesitantly Lori began to rise, and as her eyes met his erection he took her head, forcing her face to rub against the heated throbbing penis as she rose. The feeling of her cool tears against his groin gave him chills, and he only wanted more of her.

Her body trembled as he circled her, sending tremors through her breasts. It was the knife, it was the sharp knife in his hand she feared more than anything, but it was only his hands that touched her, groping her breasts and continuously attacking her vagina, keeping it alert and ready, and then her round buttocks, she felt him pinch her cheeks to give her rounded bottom a pink tint, one that pleased Devaro while Lori continued to weep.

There was a snap as Devaro used the knife, and Lori was surprised when her arms suddenly fell free, but now he held the back of her neck firmly in one hand, as she could feel his groin against the small of her back.

"Get on your knees." Devaro whispered in her ear.

Slowly she obeyed, and her hands trembled as he kneeled behind her, and brought her arms up so she was leaning over the bed. He positioned her how he had wanted her and the moment she tried to move he corrected it, causing her sobbing to grow louder, sobbing that was beginning to irritate him.

Lori tried to move again after he positioned and released her but this time she felt a stinging pain as he pinched one of her firm nipples between his fingers and he spoke into her ear again.

"If you want to enjoy this, do as your told." Devaro warned.

He positioned her again, and this time she did not move, she thought that if she obeyed he would leave her alone, so from behind he reached for her breasts, fondling them for a moment before she felt him lean back, she knew he was looking at her, and it was humiliating, even more so when he touched her buttocks, sending chills down her sides, and as he separated her soft cheeks she closed her eyes again and gasped when he ran a finger over her wet vagina for lubricant before inserting it into her ass hole.

He thrust his finger around inside of her, a feeling she had never known before, and with his free hand he massaged her folds, sending her body into shock, and even Lori was surprised with the way she began to relax.

Devaro also noticed the tension leave her, and the moment it happened he suddenly lifted her body again, turning her onto the bed, leaving her buttocks and legs swaying over the edge as he pushed her down.

Lori wanted to get up, he wasn't restraining her, but it was fear or curiosity that left her still, so she glanced down as he pet the soft hair over her vagina and separated the folds with his fingers, and she watched him stare up at her as he brought his tongue to her clitoris, licking her deeply, sending a sensation that both frightened and relieved her. Devaro was happy with the results he had placed upon her, and as he worked her body he heard the small moan escape her, and Lori began to touch her own breasts, enjoying the sensations as orgasm grew, but again Devaro stopped, he crawled over her and pressed his body against hers, and rested his erection between the open lips of her vagina, just enough to tease her. He kissed her mouth again and felt her breast heaving beneath him, she was no longer struggling and her tears had stopped, and she seemed to enjoy the long kiss he was placing upon her.

As her eyes closed Devaro reached for a sleeve of her torn dress, and when he suddenly wrapped it around Lori's eyes she panicked and struggled again, but he wrapped his strong arms around her, restraining her, while he softly hushed her.

He was strong, and his body against hers in such a calming manner brought Lori to stop struggling, and she submitted as he tightly blindfolded her before spreading her legs apart and bringing them around him as he kissed her again.

Lori's back seemed to arch on its own as he cupped her butt and pulled her hips to meet his groin. His erection entered her vagina slowly and smoothly, causing her to feel every part of it. He thrust harder, and he lifted one of her hands, bringing it to where their bodies met so she could feel it, and then with every movement and every touched Lori gasped, loosing control of her own body as orgasm began to swell again, and another moan escaped her.

Devaro smiled, satisfied with the result and as he glanced over his shoulder. Mario was behind him, silently watching, naked and erect. Devaro glanced back at Lori and saw the pleasure erupting in her, but just before he imagined she would have cum, he stopped his wonderful assault on her body and she moaned again, perhaps this time out of frustration.

Lori became confused as Devaro made certain her blindfold was secure and lifted her, forcing her backwards into his lap as he rested on the bed. She felt his penis between her butt cheeks, throbbing again, and she tried to understand what he was doing as he held her arms to her sides.

Mario anxiously crawled onto the bed and as he pushed her legs open Lori recognized him as a second man and began to panic again, but Devaro's calm whispers into her ear calmed her.

Mario smiled as he watched his bride's head sink back on Devaro's shoulder, because it was as he touched her exposed clitoris. Mario took one of Lori's restrained hands from Devaro and brought it to his penis, and guided her to stroke it, which she did without hesitation.

Devaro gave Mario a slight nod, and Mario held Lori's hand to his erection as Devaro suddenly lifted her, separating her butt cheeks and pushing his own erection into her hole in a rapid way that caused momentary pain for Lori and then discomfort that she easily tolerated as both men touched her. And as she sat on Devaro's erection Mario came over her and inserted his groin into her vagina, much harder than Devaro had. Lori squealed as the men thrust into her simultaneously and wandered her body with their hands. Mario kissed her mouth aggressively and she submitted to the advance as Devaro's shoulder held her head.

Lori embraced her captors, wanting more from both as a pleasure erupted from her body, the kind she didn't understand before. She began to cry out and felt the hot gush of Devaro's ejaculation, and his sperm seeped from her rectum as he pulled out, causing her to fall into Mario.

Mario quickly lifted her over him, making her straddle him as Devaro made his escape from the bed. Devaro watched contently as the shy wife humped Mario's groin ecstatically, while Mario brought his hands to her breasts and pinched at her already firm nipples. Devaro slowly dressed while he watched, and made his way to the shadows of the door to hide, he wanted to see it end. He stared wide-eyed as Lori moaned in delight, knowing not who was giving her such pleasure, and she finally felt orgasm and her body shook. Mario turned, pulling her under him and eased her out of her moaning as he pulled his penis out of her and ejaculated over her abdomen.

Lori lay shaking as Mario gently held her, kissing her chin. It took her a few moments to recover, and curiously she reached for his face, wanting to touch him, but he grabbed her hand and stopped her. Mario stared at her hand in his and kissed her fingers, and then somewhat timidly, he lifted the blindfold from her eyes.

When Lori saw her husband holding her she was wide eyed and shocked as she stared at him, nearly as horrified as she was surprised, but the realization also gave her a sense of relief and she suddenly wrapped her arms around his neck and held him tightly. Mario embraced her, and began to touch her breasts again as his softened erection was again becoming hard. Lori looked at her husband's penis, and for the first time she reached for it on her own, ready for it now, but before she lay back for her husband she glanced to the door, where the masked man's shadow gracefully faded from sight.

Devaro left the house and looked over the wide spread farmland, and he went to a tree where his horse was waiting. He mounted the animal and looked towards the road leading from the valleys. Devaro had enjoyed himself today, and he was certain he would enjoy himself again, as soon as he found the right victim in need of his talents.

Wife Forced Brutal Rape Pics Free