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As I awakened from an erotic dream I was startled to find a black man thrusting deep inside my pussy, his cock pumping in and out hard and fast. To his left was another black man, naked, 6'3 with thick full lips and proportional weight, but his cock was anything but. His prick extended a good 14 inches and I salivated at the thought of having it in my mouth.

Terror and excitement filled me as I told them to leave, I would call the police. Seeing my obvious arousal the man that was deep inside me said "are you sure you want us to leave babe? We have been watching you as you play with your sex toys and you seem to need cocks filling you. We are happy to help out." He went on to explain that they were roommates in the condo near my house and with his binoculars had seen me play daily, usually many times a day. They had watched me masturbate using my vibrating egg and g spot vibrator, satisfying myself on my bed. Both had stroked their cocks and came many times doing this. I was shocked at the revelation.

Tonight, they were on their way home and passed by my house. They saw I left my window opened for some night air and took the opportunity to fulfill their fantasies and fill me. Tired last night, I had fallen asleep with the window opened. I was angry at myself for my carelessness yet a part of me was grateful I had been so negligent.

I was deciding what to do but couldn't deny that my pussy was enjoying his thick 10 inch prick, my moans gave me away. As he started fucking me faster my screams of ecstasy reached new heights. No words were needed, he knew I wanted them to stay and fill me completely.

His friend, Steve, started licking my tits, first gently and then with more pressure. Cupping them in his hands, he began sucking my now very erect hard pink nipples, first one nipple then the other. Steve said to his friend Peter, when do I get to have her? When do I get to eat the pussy I have wanted for so long?

Peter responded simply, "I'm cumming babe. NOOOOOOOOOW." I could feel his hot cum filling me up and my muscles began contracting uncontrollably. A wave washed over me, more intense than I had ever experienced before. I didn't want this to end. I didn't have to worry, this was far from over.

Peter got off of me and our cum was oozing out of my pussy. Steve wanted to have every drop and he viewed my pussy with lustful eyes. Then he spread my legs open as wide as it ever was and positioned himself to engorge himself of my pussy juices. His tongue plunging inside my wet enclave, tasting and probing everywhere fervently. My reaction was swift and pleasurable. He was not disappointed as he felt his face soaked with my cum. He came over to my face and I licked my cum off him as did he.

When we kissed it was like no other. Never had I felt a man's mouth take mine in as he did. Our tongues merging felt like we were dancing with an orchestra playing, fully attuned to its audience. When we managed to pull apart, not an easy thing for either of us, his cock was stirring.

My tongue playfully circled my lips and I grabbed my 10 inch dildo and began teasing him by licking it then sucking it. "How about my stiff cock Baby? Do that to me". Who could resist his huge black dick? I couldn't. My wet tongue began the long journey up his hardening cock, starting with the lower part of his shaft and moving slowly and hungrily up his long pole. Reaching the head of his cock and looking at his deep dark eyes made me want his prick all the more.

As my wet tongue licked around his hole gently he began moaning softly at first. My licks became swifter as his moans grew louder. "Oh baby" he kept saying, his new mantra. His balls were the biggest I had ever seen, fitting for a cock of such grandeur. My hand began stroking it and then squeezing it. I had to suck it. The desire to do so was unyielding and needed to be satisfied. My warm wet mouth opened wide, as this would not be like any other balls I had ever had the pleasure of taking inside my mouth. I would enjoy the challenge, IMMENSELY. I managed to get his balls in my mouth and his moans of contentment was music to my ears.

My other hand was rubbing his shaft up and down at the same time. "Suck my cock baby" he said. I didn't have to be asked twice. My wanting mouth went down on his magnificent cock, deeper and deeper, while my fingers tickled his balls.

"Fuck I am going to cummmmmmmmmmm" and I couldn't wait to swallow his hot cum. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm "Cum baby please cum" I begged. Suddenly, there was a noise and I had to regain my composure. The alarm rang and I had to get up to start the day anew. Hope I can have this dream again tomorrow, I thought.
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