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Sue laid on the couch in the living room replaying the events of the afternoon in her mind. Not only had her husband's boss, Bill, fucked her mouth and tits, he had violated the one area she had saved for her husband. She wondered, was Bill just screwing with her, or did her husband really give his okay just to get his promotion.

She still found the whole ordeal revolting to think about, both the giant black man that had violated her; but if true, her husband for violating the trust they had together. Surely, she thought, he couldn't have been a party to this. Not her Tom, she was sure of it. The sounds of the city street played through the room, but she heard a car, a familiar one, pull into the driveway. Jumping up she ran to the window. Her husband got out of the car and starting walking to the house.

She studied his movements as he made his way up the sidewalk to the front door. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. He had a smile on his face just like always. No, she thought, he wasn't involved. She knew she had to tell him and wondered what he would do. Maybe hop right back in his car and go kill the bastard.

The front door opened. "Hi, honey, I'm home," he called out. Sue ran to her husband throwing her arms around him and holding him tight. Tears trickled from her eyes. For the first time since Bill had arrived, she felt safe and secure. The tears continued to well in her eyes. All of sudden she burst crying, still clinging, more tightly now, to her husband.

Tom pushed Sue back and looked into her reddened eyes. "What's wrong, honey?" he asked her.

Sue tried to regain her composure. "That man!" she blurted out.

"What man?"

"Bill, you know, you're boss!"

"Well, he's not exactly my boss, more of a consultant for the company; what about him?"

"He was here today, after you left for work."

"Yeah, so..."

"He raped me, Tom!"

"That's a little strong, what do you mean he raped you?"

"He sat over there," she said pointing. "He took his big black thing, you know, his dick out, made me crawl over, touch it, suck it, put between my breasts, and then, well, he, you know, he raped me!" she cried as she told him.

"Now, honey, you..."

"And he said you knew all about it, that you said it was okay!"

There was silence in the room. Sue looked deeply into her husband's eyes for an answer to what had happened. What she heard made her sick to her stomach.

"Okay, Sue, listen to me," he started to explain. "It's not exactly like that. You don't understand. This guy gave me a promotion. He could just have easily sent me packing. He saw your picture, you know the one I keep at the office. Well, one thing led to another. I didn't have a lot of choice. He gets you, I get the job," he told her.

"You fucking bastard!" she screamed. "He was right-what kind of man are you!"

"Listen, calm down," he said trying to soothe her. "You're not working and I'm outta there if he says the word. Now I have a great job. He said he wouldn't hurt you."

"Fuck you! Just fuck you, Tom!"

"Listen to me, Sue. It wasn't easy for me to..."

"Wasn't easy for you, wasn't easy for you; what about me!"

"Sue, listen, calm down. No job, no house, cars, trips, hell, maybe even food," he said, his voice starting to sound angry. "What the fuck was I supposed to do?"

"You don't offer your little wife to some big black guy to do what he wants. Do you know what he did, he..."

"He told me about it. I'm sorry okay, but there's nothing I can do about it. We have to live and this is the only way."

"Is he coming again?" she asked. This time her voice was calm.

"Probably. Yeah, he will."

"Yeah, like hell he will!"

"Listen, Sue, there's really no choice in any of this anymore," Tom told her. "We're fucked! You're not working and I'm out of job, don't you understand, if it stops now..."

"So, get another fucking job!" she yelled at her husband.

"It's not that easy. Besides, he may not be around long. Once everything gets straightened out, the company gets back on solid ground, he's gone."

"You're an asshole! I suppose you'd let him fuck your mother and sister if he wanted to! I'm going to bed!"

"That's a good idea," he said starting to walk over to join her.

"No, I said I'm going to bed! You can sleep down here! The rest of your fucking life for all I care!"

"Honey, come on, we can..."

"Tom, very simple," she said calmly at first, then screamed at him, "FUCK YOU!"

Sue hardly slept that night. What little sleep she did get was interrupted by thoughts of her next visit from Bill and her loathing for her husband. Maybe she would be forced to do this for now. Still she thought, there had to be a way to get back at her husband, maybe Bill, although she blamed him less than her husband for what was happening. The one thing she knew for sure is she had to get a job if she was ever going to get out of this situation. Then, Tom could sink or swim on his own.

The next morning came all too soon. Tired, Sue walked to the kitchen to get some coffee. Her eyes were still reddened, not from crying, but now from lack of sleep. Tom was still home but getting ready to leave.

"So, can you stop this guy from coming over today?" she implored him. She looked into his eyes for any kind of comfort. He appeared emotionless, his eyes dead.

"No. There really aren't any options right now."

"You know, I could just not be here."

Tom's eyes came to life. Squinting in anger, he told her in no uncertain terms she would be there, would do what Bill asked, reminded her it was beyond his or her control now and the options available if he lost his job. Without a word, he walked out of the house and to his car.

Sue slumped back on a kitchen chair drinking her coffee. As much as she hated her husband, she also had a hatred of Bill, but that feeling was mixed with fear. Fine, she thought, I'll be here when the bastard shows up, but maybe, just maybe, she thought, she could turn him off.

A couple hours passed. Sue didn't take a shower, did nothing with her hair, and left her robe on. Without make-up, she knew she didn't look her radiant self and didn't care. She heard a car pull in the driveway. Without getting up from the couch in the living room she had moved to, she sat quietly. The doorbell rang.

"Come in, it's open," she called out.

Bill walked in. His giant black body moved quickly across the room toward her. Looking down at her, he shook his head in disgust. "Didn't your husband tell I'd be here?"

"Yeah, he told me."

"Well, woman, look at you, you're a mess," he said. "Go clean up."

"Nope, don't feel like it."

"Okay, but tomorrow, you better be looking fine or I'll tan that white ass of yours, we understand each other?"

"We'll see," she said trying to sound defiant.

"Don't be cute with me, bitch!" Get up, get that damn robe off and let me see your dirty little pussy and dirty little ass! You may wish you'd cleaned up by the time we get done!" he said in a raised, angry voice.

"I gotta pee, been drinking coffee all morning."

"Well, you should have thought of that before. Now get up and get the robe off!

Sue slowly stood up taking off her robe. His eyes watched her every movement. She stood before him naked. He looked at her a moment or so. "Now get over here and get me undressed," he told her in a harsh tone.

She moved over to the big man and slowly undressed him. His huge black cock hung down between his legs. She stood still, uncertain as to what to do next. She waited for the next command, fearful he would tell her to suck the giant cock into her mouth.

"Now get down on your hands and knees with your back to me," he told her quietly. Slowly, she lowered herself to the floor.

He knelt down behind her. She felt his large hand slap down hard on her ass causing her to lurch forward. A small yelp escaped her mouth. "Next time, you do what I say, no questions and quickly; we understand each other!" A few seconds passed and then she felt the hand slap again, this time harder. "I asked you a question," he said.

"Yes, yes, I understand!" Sue felt a sense of trepidation. He was behind her. Surely he wouldn't try to put his big black monster in her tiny white ass. The prospect of being forced to suck his cock didn't seem so horrible now.

With his huge, powerful hand, he spread her ass cheeks apart. With the thumb of his other hand, he tried to force it into pink little asshole, but she clamped her small passage tight. He pushed harder inserting the tip, but it was too tight. Taking his thumb out, he moved his long arm the length of her body holding his thumb in front of her mouth. "Lick it, get it good and wet,' he told her.

She was sickened by the thought, but terrified. Opening her mouth, the thumb jammed forcefully into her mouth. She licked and sucked until he removed it leaving a putrid taste in her mouth. She felt the thumb again prying at the little hole, pushing in. He slid it around stretching her for what she knew would come next-the black monster between her legs.

She lowered her head to the floor. Her small cries of pain and humiliation could be heard but fell on deaf ears. She fought back moving her ass from side to side trying to escape, but it seemed the more she struggled the more aroused he became, driving the thumb in deeper and moving it from side to side faster.

Failing in her feeble effort to fight, she tried to relax. She could feel his hard cock rising up against her body between her legs. If his thumb hurt this much, she could only imagine the pain of what was to come.

"Gonna do you a favor, bitch!" she heard him say. "Gonna slime my cock up to make it easier for you."

With that, he probed his hard cock against her pussy trying to ram it in. This turned out to be difficult. Expecting her to be wet, she wasn't. As he pushed in and out of her, it didn't help. Finally giving up, he turned her around roughly shoving his cock at her face. "Get it good and wet," he told her.

She took his cock in her mouth. It was just as repulsive to her now as it was the day before. She stuffed the head into her mouth and then took it back out. With her tongue, she slobbered over the length of his shaft.

Shoving her back around, he placed the head of hard black cock against her pink little asshole. With a shove, it entered her. The pain, hot and searing, engulfed her.

"Yeah, baby, you don't think you want it now, but you will!" she heard him cry out. "Feel it, feel it!" he yelled as he pushed slowly in and out at first and then increased the speed and depth. "Move your ass, girl, move it back and forth."

Sure, she thought to herself. The sooner he comes the sooner it'll be over. Fighting her sense of degradation, she began to push back. She moved her ass back slightly at first trying to get a feel for his rhythm then raised her ass up as he thrust again. With deeper and faster thrusts he fucked her little ass harder with his big black cock.

She could hear his breathing get heavier as he ripped away at her tight canal. She moved her hips back and forth faster and faster meeting the pounding cock hoping he would come more quickly.

A loud moan filled the room as he came squirting his hot load of cum deep inside of her. She could feel his cock start to soften and then he backed away pulling out of her. A loud popping sound resounded in her ears as the large head of his cock sprang lose. She could feel part of his load of creamy cum running down her thighs.

He grabbed her body with his muscular arms and turned her around like a rag-doll. "Look at it, look at my cock!" he yelled at her. Although not as hard, it still looked huge in front of her face. "Lick the rest of the cum off it!"

She shuddered at the thought but obeyed. Flicking her tongue tentatively at the head as he laughed, she cleaned the head off.

Trying hard not to swallow, her saliva ran down the length of his black dick. Taking it in his hand, he rubbed it back and forth against her face. Then grabbing her long hair, he wrapped it around his cock wiping it off. "Next time, get yourself cleaned up and ready for me," he told her.

Bill stood up towered over the little woman on her knees, her battered butt resting on the back of her legs. As she looked up at him slowly dressing, he smiled down at her. "Probably see you tomorrow," he told her.

"I hate you!"

"Yeah, so. You want to hate somebody, hate that wimpy ass husband of yours."

"I do, I hate him more than you. I'll get him and somehow I'll get you."

"Ooh, your scaring me bitch. Get to the john before you piss yourself. I'm outta here."


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