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Ron had a problem. He was co-owner in a small country bar in Northwestern Wisconsin. Lately his till was coming up a little short and suspected a new girl he had hired three weeks earlier.

There is a joke that out of a twenty dollar bill, most bartenders will give away five, drink five and steal five. That just doesn't leave much for the gross profit, especially in a rural farming community.

Ron only had two part time bartenders besides himself and his silent partner. He had to find out who was skimming his profits.

Ron installed a surveillance camera in the ceiling tile above the till that recorded every transaction. He hated that it had come to this, but he despised thieves.

It was a Saturday night about 7PM when his new hire, Danielle showed up for her shift. She always dressed provocatively, wearing blue jean shorts and a tube top. Danielle was twenty two years old, blond hair, blue eyes and only five foot-six. She was gorgeous and new it, a real cock tease.

Ron watched the video in the living quarters behind the bar. He was shocked of how much Danielle was actually pocketing. About every other transaction, he would watch her slide a bill into her pocket. He knew that she had to go.

Ron wondered of how he was going to handle the situation, He really didn't want to involve the cops. He hated cops. The justice system would only slap her hand anyway. She needed to be taught a lesson. One in which she would remember.

Ron waited until 1 AM, walked into the bar, bull shit with the four remaining customers then asked Danielle if he could see her in the back for a second. Danielle agreed and joined Ron in the living quarters.

Ron said jokingly, "I have a surprise for you. Close your eyes." Danielle looked at Ron questioning his intentions. Ron just smiled at her. "Close your eyes."

Danielle giggled, then shut her eyes. Ron grabbed her arms and held then out in front of her. "Keep then closed, Okay?"

Danielle nodded, then felt the cold steel of handcuffs sharply cross her wrists. Danielle screamed. "What the fuck?"

Ron grabbed the rope that he attached to the cuffs and led Danielle back into the bar. He threw the rope over the beam near the pool table and secured it leaving Danielle with her arms over her head.

"What's going on?" Danielle asked while trying to undo her restraints.

Ron went back into the living quarters and brought out the video tape he had recorded of Danielle's previous transactions.

"We have here a thief," Ron said as he inserted the tape into the bar VCR.

Danielle stood there speechless watching time and again herself stealing money from the till.

"Call the cops," one patron yelled out.

Danielle cried, "Please no, I won't do it again. I promise!"

Ron sat at the edge of the pool table near Danielle. "I've given this a lot of thought, and you must be punished."

"I know that you love to shake dice with the customers. I'm going to let the customers help me punish you."

"No," Danielle sobbed. "Please no. I'll pay you back."

Ron grabbed the dice box and brought it back to the pool table.

"C'mon guys," Ron said motioning with his arm. "Pull up a seat."

The four remaining guests consisted of a young married couple in their twenties, and two men, one in his late twenties and the other about forty-five. They grabbed their bar stools and positioned them around the pool table near the end that Danielle was standing.

"Here's the rules," Ron said.

"We all get one shake at a time, One flop."

"Four of a kind, all naturals, and you may remove an article of clothing."

"Five of a kind, all naturals, and this thief will give you a blow job."

Danielle fought with her restraints and softly cried, "no."

The young lady customer spoke up, "Well, that's all fine and good if I had a dick, what do I get if I win?"

Ron thought for a second. "What do you want?"

"I think she should at least eat my pussy," The lady barked.

"That deserves a drink," Ron said as he brought the bottle of tequila and six shot glasses over to the table. He poured five shots and toasted with the remaining guests. Ron filled the remaining shot and brought it to Danielle. He held it to her lips, then tipped it up. "Play nice," he said as he walked to the door and locked it. Ron shut off the remaining "bar open" signs and sat back down in his chair.

Ron grabbed the dice box. "Ladies first," then handed it to his guest. She shook, one flop as Danielle watched the dice roll onto the table. "Three sixes, nope, next," Ron said.

Danielle cringed at every shake of the dice. The dice box went around twice before the younger of the two rolled four threes. "We have a winner," Ron said. "You may remove an article of clothing, your choice."

The young man walked around Danielle touching her bare stomach. "Please, no," Danielle begged.

Danielle knew there was nothing she could do. She was scared and completely helpless.

He grabbed the top of her tube top and pulled it down slowly exposing her firm 34C's.

"Very nice," Ron said. "Take that damn tube top all the way off." The young man stretched and pulled it over Danielle's hips until it finally fell around her ankles. "That's better, Who's fuckin' shake is it?"

The dice box made it's rounds until the lady's husband rolled four natural five's. He smiled at his wife and quickly knelt before Danielle. He unbuttoned her button, then slowly pulled the zipper downward. He pulled down slightly, then paused as he felt the bare skin of her soft ass. He continued downward as the rest of the group looked on, watching, and waiting. The jean shorts dropped around her ankles leaving Danielle standing there wearing only her tennis and her thong.

The man got up slowly knowing his wife was watching his every move. He sat back in his stool and gave his woman a long hard kiss.

They continued shaking, making the rounds as Danielle looked on. After several rounds, the lady shook three natural five's and two sixes. "Close enough," Ron said. "Your turn."

The lady walked over to Danielle and kissed her softly on the lips. She ran her hands down over her breasts and teased each nipple. The lady knelt down in front of Danielle and placed her fingers on the waistband of her thong. Danielle whimpered and gasped as she rolled the thong downward exposing her shaven pussy to everyone in the room. The lady placed her hand on the inside of Danielle thighs to pull the thong the rest of the way down, then finally off. "Her pussy is wet," the lady said as she grabbed the thong and brought it back to her husband to enjoy.

Ron stood up and walked over to Danielle. He grabbed the rope that had suspended her and untied it from the cuffs. He handed Danielle the dice box and told her to shake. "One flop," he said. This will determine how many times my paddle will fall across your bare ass."

Danielle looked at Ron with pouting lips and threw the dice on the table. "Two five's, a six and a pair of deuces. Twenty, you got off lucky."

"Watch her," Ron said as he left the room to go to the living quarters. He returned carrying a briefcase that he laid down on his bar stool. Danielle watched closely as he opened it. The case consisted of sex toys, plugs, whips and the sixteen inch wooden paddle that he retrieved from the back.

Danielle stood there, legs together, wearing only her tennis shoes. She looked at Ron.

"Please Ron, please no."
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