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Two months have passed since Stacy's initiation as a gangbang slut and we've been fucking almost non-stop since that night. I just can't keep my hands off of her as I recall in my mind all of the deliciously filthy things those men did to her body and how much she loved it. I love to lay with my face between her incredible thighs and nuzzle her pussy as she fantasizes aloud about how their big cocks stretched her out and how hard she came for them. She loved the way they used her like a filthy whore. She usually comes on my face during these stories. Sometimes I come during these sessions without even touching myself, other times I give her a good fucking while she sucks on a big rubber dildo that we bought. We both want very much to experience another night like that again. Tomorrow morning we are going to spend a week in a rented cabin at a lake resort about two hundred miles from here. Stacy is out bikini shopping as I write this and my cock is twitching at the thought of what she'll pick out to tempt the men at the resort.

When Stacy returned from shopping she was all smiles. "Just wait 'til you see this, babe, it's going to blow you away," she said as she disappeared into our bedroom. When she reappeared she was wearing the tiniest string bikini I'd ever seen. The top was two triangles about two inches across and held on with some very thin strings that tied between her tits in a bow. The bottom was also a triangle of about the same size and more strings, these tied in bows at the hips. The whole works was made of bright red leather. She looked very tasty in it and I wanted to nuzzle her pussy right then and there but she said, "No way, I want you all horned up for this coming week." I finally convinced her to let me smell her pussy through the suit. The combination of the leather smell and her pussy scent drove me wild. I went to bed that night with dreams of her doing the most unimaginable things...

We arrived at the resort about noon on Saturday and began to unpack. Stacy already had the slut bikini on, covered up with a matching red leather miniskirt and white gauze shirt tied just below her tits, accentuating her tan midriff. I had a hard time concentrating on what I was doing as she'd kept my passions for her at bay for five days now and my swollen cock was aching to be back in her sweet cunt. I think she was purposely bending at the waist when lifting things to show me her thong covered pussy, which was driving me mad with lust. Finally, she turned to me as her hand reached down to stroke my stiff cock and asked, "What are you thinking about baby? Do you want to see your little wife fucked senseless again?"

I was taken off guard and couldn't answer as she dropped to her knees and withdrew my aching prick from my shorts. Her mouth felt heavenly as she slurped away on my throbbing penis. God how I wanted to cum in her mouth, but she kept stopping and telling me how much more I would enjoy seeing her with other guys if I was deprived of her a little bit longer. Just as I was about to explode, she tucked my cock neatly away in my shorts and told me, "You just simmer for a few more days and remember how good my mouth feels while you're watching me suck other men." My cock felt as if in was broken in two, I longed for the soft warm folds of her cunt.

The next day about noon we headed for a nearby beach to check things out. At first there was only a few couples there and things looked pretty dull, but after we got situated on our blanket a pick-up truck full of teenage boys roared in. Stacy came to life immediately when they pulled up and it didn't take them long to notice her. About a dozen boys jumped out of the truck box and set about making a bonfire in the sand. I watched them from behind my sunglasses as they did everything they could to draw Stacy's attention. She just pretended not to notice them as she preened and showed them her stuff. For my part, I laid back and feigned sleep while I watched the situation unfold.

The boys grew bolder as they played catch and anything else they could think of to get closer to Stacy. Finally, while still ignoring them, she stood up and began to peel her shirt off. Their activity came to a halt as her hard young tits came into view clad only in her skimpy red bikini top. She turned, facing me, and slowly unzipped her leather skirt. I could see the boys elbowing each other as her hot tan butt wiggled its way free. Then she stood straight up, back arched, and ran her fingers through that sexy blonde hair. After a few minutes of letting the boys look her over she strutted her sexy body to the water's edge and waded in up to her knees. She looked like a naked sex goddess of the sea. After a few minutes she began to walk back to our blanket but by this time the boys had wandered between her and I.

"Hi guys, what's happening?" Stacy asked flirtatiously as the boys gathered around her. One of them offered her a beer which she accepted and sipped at while she talked with them. I could see that my little alley cat was working her magic on these guys and I was enjoying the show. They had her in an ever tightening circle as they pressed for her attention. The tiny red patch of leather over her pussy was the obvious focus for most of them. I could see from where I was laying that several of them were sporting hard-ons for her that their thin swim trunks did little to hide. Stacy noticed this too and was flushed with excitement as she smiled and giggled coyly. She knew what they wanted and she knew that she was going to give them everything they dreamed of eventually, but first she wanted to drive them mad with desire.

As they talked Stacy would touch their upper arms and stare into their eyes invitingly. I imagined what kind of sex fantasies these boys were playing out with her in their minds. They all wandered over near the bonfire for a while as she continued to tantalize them. She leaned her head back and ran her hands through her hair several more times. They seemed to like this especially. After Stacy was certain that every cock was throbbing for her, she thanked them for the beer and walked back to our blanket, her naked ass swaying gently. The boys gazed longingly at her off and on for the rest of the afternoon as we pretended to be just an average couple enjoying ourselves at the beach.

The next morning Stacy was out early sunbathing in front of our cabin. Ours was the last cabin in the back row, near some woods so it was rather secluded. Still, some of those same boys from the day before found an excuse to walk by in groups of three or four every half hour or so. Stacy laid with her eyes shut and the boys were quiet so as not to disturb their living wet dream as they leered at her nearly nude body. This went on for several hours as I watched discretely from the window. Each time they came by they grew bolder and walked closer for a better look. Stacy would re-position herself to give them the best view she could without looking obvious. She had them drooling for her and I knew the time was right for her to reel them in.

Later on in the cabin I offered to go "fishing" the next day so Stacy could have some fun with these guys. The plan was for me to leave in the boat and then stash it in the next bay along the shore while I snuck back to the cabin to watch her in action. She liked this idea and agreed. That night while I lay in bed and tried to sleep, she sucked my excited cock until I was close to coming many times while describing in detail what she wanted the boys to do to her, only to stop the action and tease me while I begged for her to finish. Then she'd let me relax a bit before taking me back in her wonderful mouth and sucking me to the brink again. When she tired of this little game she slipped her panties off and climbed on top of me, stroking her soft muff against my engorged penis while she fantasized aloud her thoughts about their hard young cocks cumming in her. I was nearly insane with longing and my balls ached terribly, but I knew from experience that this would make tomorrow all the sweeter so I laid back and relished the torture. I could just picture her in my mind, being fought over by a dozen boys, each trying to get his cock into her soft pussy next.

When dawn broke Stacy was already up making coffee in her nightie. My balls still ached from the night before as I watched her move around the kitchen. That sexy ass that I'd seen satisfy so many hard cocks looked almost innocent in the morning light. I was already erect as I sipped my coffee and we went over our plans. With a kiss goodbye I headed for the dock, fishing pole in hand. Soon, the morning air was brushing my face as I motored across the lake and into the next bay.

After beaching the fishing boat and tying it to a tree, I started my hike back through the woods. When I reached the cabin and slipped in the back door, Stacy was just heading out to "sunbathe." Her fresh young breasts pushed tightly against the skimpy bikini top and her tan thighs seemed to envelope the small patch of leather that passed for her bottoms. I watched with lust as the bare ass that had been denied me all week moved out the door and settled onto the chaise lounge. For the next hour I stroked my swollen member gently as I watched her expose her gleaming body to the morning sun's warm rays. About nine o'clock one of the teenagers came strolling down the path.

This time Stacy looked right into his eyes as he tried to sneak a peek at her. "Hi Billy, great morning isn't it," she smiled to him.

"Hi Stacy," he replied with an embarrassed look on his face, "Yeah, isn't summer great?"

"Where are you headed this early?" Stacy asked.

"Oh, I don't know, just around I guess." Billy replied as he stopped walking, his hands in the pockets of his oversized yellow shorts.

"Well why don't you stay awhile and keep me company, my husband's off fishing and I get lonely real easy," she said while re-positioning her beautiful legs for effect. His face told me that his mind was still mulling over the words "lonely" and "easy." The young man walked over and sat on the grass next to Stacy while she continued to entice him with her sexy body. They spent maybe half an hour making small talk about school, career plans, and so on as she continued to rotate herself in the bright sun. Billy was no longer shy about looking her over thoroughly as she exhibited her body for him. About ten thirty Stacy suggested that they move to the back of the cabin as the sun would be better there now. The fact that this wasn't true seemed to escape her young admirer as he obediently carried her lounge to the backyard for her.

"You want a beer Billy?" Stacy inquired as she headed in the back door to check on me.

"That'd be great," he called back, thrilled that she would treat him like a grown man.

Once inside, Stacy locked me in a lusty embrace while I stroked her between the legs. "God, I'm so fucking hot," she said, "I wish he'd just throw me to the ground and lay it to me right now." She was working herself into a lather and I was enjoying every minute of it.

"Go get him, Tiger," I said as she headed back out with two beers.

Stacy wiggled herself invitingly across the lawn and sat back down on the lounge. "What are you wearing under them big shorts?" she asked as she handed Billy his beer.

"My swim trunks." he replied.

"Really, are they sexy, like maybe Speedo's?" she asked flirtatiously, "Let me see them."

Billy smiled and slid the shorts down to his knees before letting them fall to the ground. His suit was tight and made of thin material. More importantly to Stacy, it failed to conceal a sizable, rock-hard cock which he tried to cover with his hands.

"Don't be embarrassed silly," Stacy urged, "You've got a nice cock, you should be proud of it." She then sat on the lounge facing Billy who'd sat down on the lawn. She looked him in the eyes as she slowly began to tug at the string bow holding her bikini top together at her cleavage. His eyes grew wide as the bow fell apart and her firm little tan tits popped into view. "Do you like these, Billy?" she asked as he stared at her chest without saying a word. "Come here baby," she said as she pulled his face to her fully erect nipples. He sucked her tits eagerly like a hungry pup. She threw her head back wildly as she mashed his face into her chest. "That's right baby, help yourself to all you want," she encouraged him. He sucked her tits so hard that after ten minutes of this treatment her nipple caps looked all puffy and sore and she was so turned on I think she almost came.

Stacy laid face down on the lounge now and asked Billy to oil her back for her. He was more than willing. He was reaching down over her shoulders to massage the glistening oil into her back. She kept urging him to rub lower as his hard cock drew closer and closer to her mouth. When his hands arrived at her ass I could almost feel his lust for my wife. I took out my cock and slowly stroked it as he worked the warm flesh of her ass over. Stacy's mouth was right next to his growing erection now and she began to nibble at it through the thin material. His cock promptly swelled a couple of inches longer and popped out over the top of his swim trunks. "Mmm," she said as her tongue caressed the exposed tip. "You taste so good Billy, let me suck you," she begged.

Billy slid his trunks down and Stacy sucked his meat quickly into her pretty mouth. She grabbed his ass with both hands, drawing him all the way down her throat as he moaned with delight. He held her head gently with both hands as she fed on his handsome young cock. He didn't stand a chance of lasting two minutes, I thought to myself. Sure enough, Stacy had him pumping sperm down her throat in a flash as she stroked his balls with one hand to get as much as she could out of him. Billy loved this and held her head tightly until she had swallowed all of his cream. She rose to her knees and kissed him deeply. "Did you like that baby," she asked him. Billy only nodded his head yes. "If you want some more later, feel free to come back for seconds, but next time I want you to bring your friends, okay?" Again he nodded his head yes as he pulled his swim trunks back over his limp prick.

After Billy left, Stacy came back into the cabin with me. I couldn't wait any longer, I had to have some of her sweet cunt. She gave in but said that she would fuck me and I must remain perfectly still. I dropped my shorts and sat on the couch as she mounted my cock facing me. Slowly, she eased her perfect pink pussy onto my engorged penis. She was careful not to move her hips too suddenly as she knew that I was ready to erupt in her and her teasing game wasn't finished yet. After a few minutes of delicious torture, she slid her candy box off of my shaft and up to my waiting mouth where I licked every fold of her cunt while she mumbled incoherently about all the young cock she'd soon be getting. Her love hole was soon squeezing sweet nectar into my mouth as she came on my face. I lapped up every drop gratefully.

While we waited for Stacy's guests to arrive she continued to tease me by playing with her body on the other couch across the room. She had me totally mesmerized as her fingers plied the lips of her exquisite pussy. About two in the afternoon there was knock at the door. Stacy quickly retied her bikini bottoms as I scurried into the living room closet to hide.

Stacy opened the door and said, "Hi boys, come on in." The dozen teens from the beach two days ago, led by Billy, filed in and seated themselves. Two of them carried coolers that they sat next to the couches. They all cracked open beers as they eyed up their dream girl in the red bikini. She soon took a seat on the lap of one of the boys named Jim as she sipped from his beer. She seemed to enjoy the way he fidgeted as his erection pressed against her ass. Everyone hooted when she locked him in a deep kiss. His hand fumbled with the tie between her tits. He finally found the right string and her perky tits popped out for all to see.

Stacy stood up and discarded the top as she strutted across the room and offered her body to another of the boys. He kissed her tan tummy feverishly while she stroked his hair. Then she backed away one step. Slowly and deliberately she pulled the tie string on her right hip. The boys gasped as the bikini bottom fell open, exposing her blonde fuzz. She pulled the other string and the bikini fell to the floor. The boy slid from the couch to his knees and buried his face between her legs as he lapped away at her. She ground her pussy into his face as she grabbed his head and in a few minutes came hard for him. His face was covered with her juices when she pulled his head out from her crotch. When she was finished trembling she moved to a large stuffed chair and leaned over it while looking back to the hungry teens. "Come and get it boys," she said, "I've got enough pussy here to satisfy all of you."

Jim was the first to get his pants off and reach her. As he took her by the hips and slid his young cock into her she purred, "That's right baby, stick it to me good, I need it bad." Another boy stood up on the chair and offered his cock to her lips, which she readily accepted all the way down her throat. The rest of the boys formed a line behind Jim as he pounded her cunt with everything he had.

Stacy and I both knew that she would be at her most fertile time of the month this week, but the risk of some stranger getting her pregnant made us both crazy with lust. She worked the cock in her loins expertly with her pussy walls, encouraging him to come inside her. Jim grunted and filled her unprotected cunt with his seed. As soon as he withdrew, another cock took his place and began humping her cum-filled pussy. This went on over and over until all of the boys had taken her at least once. Some had come back for second or third goes at her. Cum was pouring down the inside of Stacy's thighs as the little studs continued to work her tender cunt over with their hard cocks. The soft fuzz of her pussy was now a matted mess of sticky cum. She was their sex slave and they were going to take everything they wanted from the little prick tease while they had their chance. Her hot pussy came for just about every one of them as they took her again and again. She was delirious with lust for these boys.

Stacy was getting quite shaky from the banging she was taking and if she hadn't had the chair to lean on she would have collapsed. She'd sucked at least a cup of cum into her belly. Someone spread a blanket on the floor and they helped her to the center of the room and laid her down, spreading her legs open wide. These was no stopping these little fuckers now as they each had another go at her, pounding her sweet ass against the floor without any mercy as she held on for dear life. She struggled to breathe while they kissed her mouth hard. It was like a competition to see who could pump the most sperm into her. It was easy to see how much she loved taking their loads deep in her womb, as she moaned gratefully each time she could feel them spurting into her. When they were all finished with her they packed up their things while she just lay there totally satisfied. A large puddle of sperm formed around her ass while more continued to flow from between her lips. I could hardly wait to get my own cock into her.

The boys soon left and when I heard their truck pull away I came out of the closet and climbed atop my cum-soaked wife. Her cunt felt great as my cock slid through all the goo left by the boys and I began to hammer my way home. Stacy was spent, she hardly moved at all for me, but that didn't dampen my excitement for her at all. In no time my balls were pumping into her and I nearly passed out with pleasure as I added my sperm to that of the boys. We slept on the floor that night, right there in the puddle of sperm, and I fucked her three more times before morning finally came.
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