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Dear Readers,

Welcome to the third and last installment in the casino series. I do want to let you know a few things before you begin reading. First, the humiliation will be much more intense in this story, and will involve actual sex. Second, this story will be at least 10 parts, and some them, like this one, may be very long.

For those of you who have been asking for this I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know what you think by voting and providing feedback after each chapter. You can either send me feedback directly, or leave comments under the story.

For those of you who have not read the first parts of this, may I suggest you read Casino Debt and Casino Setup first. While this story can stand on its own, I think you may enjoy it more if you become familiar with the characters first.

It's been quite a while since the last casino story. I hope that you will find this tale worth waiting for.



* * * * *

Janice McGilney was in a fine rage. Things had been going so well after General Parker had transferred to Italy. After everything that had gone down last year, Emily had convinced him that he needed a change of scenery. With General Parker gone, Colonel Davis had taken over. The Colonel was a somewhat lazy man, so he mostly let the base run itself.

Then, six months ago, Roger and Connie Davis had divorced, and the colonel had also transferred out. A week later, General Ruth Simpson had taken over. Things had gone downhill after that. She had immediately brought in two new aides: Colonel Lee Kwan and Colonel Sue Lynn Fairchild.

General Simpson appeared to be around 45 years old. She was average height, and had red hair with a little gray in it. The woman had a very large bustline, and she obviously wore bras to keep the girls up and at attention at all times. But woe be it for any male soldier to be caught staring at them. The general would dress down the poor unfortunate boy until he would just about swear to never look at another pair of tits again.

Colonel Fairchild was a little younger, probably late 30s. She was blonde and a very big girl. The colonel was from Nebraska and was the basic big farm girl. Sue Lynn stood almost 5' 11" tall, and weighed over 200 pounds. She also had a very large set of boobs, and a huge ass. The colonel expected General Simpson to be obeyed immediately and without question. She had no patience with the men, whatsoever.

The other colonel, Lee Kwan, was Korean. She was the youngest of the three at 34. Colonel Kwan appeared to be more of an administrator. When she did walk around the base, she spoke to no one. And she didn't want anyone talking to her. Lee was much smaller. She was only about 5' 2" tall, but was quite curvy for a Korean. Her boobs were nowhere near the size of either of the other two ladies, but Lee still appeared close to a D cup. And on her tiny body, they were quite impressive.

Then, as if things weren't bad enough already, the following month General Simpson brought in the Krieger twins. The twins, Gertie and Gitte were identical. They were both master sergeants and they were both just downright mean. Why General Simpson needed two master sergeants, Janice didn't know. And why anyone would want these two, she couldn't imagine.

Gertie and Gitte were almost as tall as Colonel Fairchild. While their frames were a little smaller, they were both very well-endowed German girls. The twins were just 30. They were blonde and huge chested. The girls also both had rather large backsides.

The sergeants didn't seem to like anyone, but they especially seemed to hate men. They would go out of their way to find reasons to punish various enlisted men. It seemed to give them the only pleasure they found in life.

It hadn't taken long for morale at the base to go completely into the toilet. And then the budget problems had cropped up. There were shortages of everything. One of the men asked Colonel Fairchild what the problem was, and after a five minute tirade on not questioning the general's management, he was told that Pentagon budget cuts had caused cutbacks in purchasing.

Janice just tried to stay out of the way. With her husband away, she had no real responsibilities on base. She hung out at the casino with Tony, and tried to ignore what was happening. But the last straw had come about a week earlier.

Corporal Jimmy Acres was a company clerk. The kid was barely 20, and one of the nicest guys Janice had ever met. They had become friends, and Jimmy had the most amazing knack of making Janice laugh. There was no chemistry between them, for one thing they were much too far apart in age, but they were both very fond of each other.

About ten days ago, Jimmy had found major shortages in the base accounts. He had told Janice about it. At the time, he didn't know exactly how much was missing, but it was a lot. At least in six figures. The boy asked Janice what to do, and she had told him to keep checking and find out where the money was going before he said anything.

The problem was that the naive kid had gone in and reported what he had found to General Simpson. The very next day, Corporal Jimmy Acres found himself on a plane headed for his new post in Fairbanks, Alaska. Janice missed her friend, and had spent a week trying to get over it. It hadn't worked. Now she was fed up.

Janice stormed into Tony's office and told him what had happened. Tony tried to calm her down, but Janice would have none of it. Finally, Tony asked her what she wanted him to do. "Damnit Tony, I want you to make that awful woman go away!!"

Tony just stared at Janice. "You've got to be kidding. Janice, this is not some petty little officer's wife. This woman is a general in her own right. We are not going to be able to dominate her over some little gambling debt. Even if we could arrange it, the woman has to have access to money. I'm sorry, but it just isn't going to work."

It was so disappointing. Janice couldn't let this awful general destroy her home and all her friends. She begged Tony to try to think of something. So Tony sat down and tried to think through the problem. Finally, after about 15 minutes he came up with something.

"All right. We might be able to do this, but you're going to have to understand a few things. First, we can't just go after the general, we are going to have to go after all five women. If we don't, one of the others will bail her out at some point. We've got to get all five in so deep that they can't see any way out."

"That means, we are going to have to find out everything we can about them. I know people who can do that, but it's going to take time. We also need to plan exactly what we're going to do and have everything we need on hand. Once this starts it will have to go pretty fast. We can't give these women much time to think things over."

"I'll help you do this, but there are three conditions. First, it will be a month before we start. It will take that long to get the information and supplies we will need. Second, what we are going to do is blatantly illegal. You will have to understand that if this blows up we could all end up in very serious trouble. Third, we are going to need Connie Davis' help."

Janice had just nodded at the first two, but her eyes got real wide at the third. What the Hell did they need Connie for? After everything that had happened between them, Connie and Janice weren't exactly friends. Oh they weren't hostile to each other, but they certainly didn't meet for lunch on a regular basis.

"Janice, we are going to have to con General Simpson into somehow risking a great deal of money. Everyone knows that you and Connie aren't friends. The two of you together saying the same things, or even being in something together will carry a lot of weight. It will make whatever story we come up with much more believable. Also, Connie's new job gives her opinions in financial matters more respect."

That part was true. After the divorce, Connie had gotten her broker's license. In just a few months, Connie had gone from knowing next to nothing about money, to being quite the financial expert. It turned out, that Connie actually had quite a knack for managing money, when she finally decided to learn about it. She was already quite successful, and was helping many of the officers on base invest their money.

"But how am I going to get Connie to help? She certainly doesn't owe me any favors. What am I supposed to do?"

Tony just told Janice that it was her problem. If she wanted his help, she would have to find a way. In the meantime, he would start the investigation. But if Connie wasn't onboard within three weeks , he would have to call the operation off. Janice just nodded and said she understood. Then she kissed her boyfriend goodbye and headed out.

Tony and Janice had been having an affair for the last year. Janice's husband was never around, so it was easy. It was wonderful for both of them, although Tony still would have liked for Janice to divorce her husband and marry him. But until that happened, he would continue to enjoy her company.

Janice went home and tried to think of some way to get Connie to help her. But her mind was blank. Finally, she decided she would just be straightforward about it. She picked up the phone and called Connie. When she answered, Janice just asked her to meet her for lunch the next day. She told Connie she had a proposition she wanted to discuss with her.

Connie was honest to God shocked. Of all the people she never expected to call her, Janice was number one on the list. Even though she had enjoyed finishing off that stupid bitch Emily, Connie still didn't exactly have fond memories of what had happened to her. What kind of proposition could Janice have that she thought Connie would be interested in? Connie wanted to tell Janice to stick it, but curiosity got the better of her. She told Janice that she would meet her. After all, she thought after hanging up, if it's nothing special I can always tell her where to stick it.

The next day the two women met at a little Italian restaurant near the base. Janice explained the situation to Connie. Connie was aware of most it, of course, but some of the details she hadn't heard. Since her divorce, Connie wasn't quite as privy to base gossip as Janice was. She definitely hadn't heard about Corporal Acres. Connie knew the kid and liked him. The General and her cronies were indeed a bunch of absolute bitches, and it might be nice to take them down. Still, Connie wasn't sure that it was worth doing a favor for Janice.

After they had talked for a while, Connie told Janice she would think it over. Janice tried to press her, but Connie was firm. She would consider it. It was the best she could do. Janice said they had three weeks before it was critical, and Connie promised to let her know in two. She would have liked one better, but Janice knew that it was the best she was going to do. So the two women said goodbye and went their separate ways.

It really did take Connie almost two weeks to figure out what to do. When she did come up with it, she loved it. Her decision made, Connie called Janice immediately. She told Janice she would help if she got two things in return. When Janice asked her what she wanted, Connie just told her to meet her in Tony's office the next morning. She would explain it all to both of them, then.

Bright and early the next morning Janice was at Tony's. She told him what Connie had said and that she would be coming by. Sure enough, about 9:00 Connie walked in.

Janice just asked Connie what she wanted and Connie told her.

"You know, I don't exactly hate you for what you did to me. In a strange way I can understand it. But I also really don't like that you've humiliated me like that. So, if you want my help, you're going to pay me back."

"First, I get to spank your big ass as much as I want to. I really want to see how red your backside can get."

"Second. Have you ever been ass-fucked? No? I thought not. Well, my ex-husband used to make me take it up the butt all the time. I got really sick of having his dick up my asshole. So, I'm going to watch you get your first buttfuck. I'm sure Tony will be happy to do it."

"So that's it. If you want me in, you get your ass blistered and then you get it plugged. Your choice"

Janice couldn't believe what she was hearing. Connie couldn't be serious. But the woman assured her that she was very serious. Then Janice looked over at Tony. The man just told her it was up to her. But he wouldn't really do that would he? Tony told her again that if was up to her. If she took Connie's offer, he would do his part.

God, it was awful. Janice tried to negotiate. How about just the spanking? But Connie said no. It was either get spanked and buttfucked, or Connie was out.

As much as she wanted to get the general, Janice just couldn't do it. She shook her head and told Connie no. Connie got up to leave, and reminded Janice that she still had another week. If she changed her mind in that time, well she knew where to find her.

Connie left, and Janice just steamed. DAMN!! She pleaded with Tony to find another way, but Tony told her there just wasn't. The information they needed was coming in, and it was very useful. But they needed Connie. If she wasn't in, then the game was over. Janice just shook her head and walked out. She needed time to think through all this.

Janice spent the next couple of days trying to come up with something she could use to convince Connie to help her, but there simply wasn't anything. Connie certainly didn't owe her any favors, and she sure wasn't likely to help Janice simply out of the goodness of her heart. Janice had hoped that helping out the friends Connie did have on the base would be enough, but it wasn't. She wanted a bit of payback on Janice more.

There had to be another way. Janice went back to the casino and tried to get Tony to come up with some other option. But her lover just told her that she knew what was needed, and she could either get Connie or not. It didn't matter to him, but without Connie there was nothing he could do.

Janice asked Tony if he was absolutely sure that with Connie it would work. Tony told her that while he couldn't give her an absolute guarantee, everything looked pretty good. Certainly all the information he had gotten so far fit right into his plan. So, no Tony couldn't promise Janice that it work, but he did feel that the odds were better than 10 to 1 in their favor.

Now Janice really didn't know what to do. General Simpson had to go. She couldn't be allowed to simply destroy all of Janice's friends on the base. But to take her out she would have to have Connie's help. And what Connie wanted in return was awful. So Janice had to decide if the sacrifice was worth it. It took Janice another day to make her decision, but she finally decided that it was indeed worth it.

So, with the decision made, Janice called Connie and told her that she agreed.

"You agree to what?", asked Connie.

"Everything you asked for, Damnit!"

"No, hun" Connie purred back, "That's not good enough. You're going to have to tell me exactly what you're going to do."

"All RIGHT!! I'm going to let you spank my bare ass as long as you want to! There! Are you satisfied?"

"No, Janice, then what else are you going to do?"

"Damn you! I'm going to let you watch Tony buttfuck me."

Connie just wasn't going to let Janice off the hook. "C'mon Jan, you can do better than that. I want to know exactly what you're going to do, in detail."

Janice tried not to sob. "A-A-After you spank me, I'm going to bend over and pull my bottom open. Oh GOD!! Then I'm going to let Tony put his dick right up by butthole! Then I'm going to stay there while he rams it in and out of my anus until he squirts in there. Are you HAPPY NOW?"

"Yes, Hun, I'm very happy. I'll see you tomorrow around 9 in Tony's office. Be on time. You wouldn't want to be late to your first buttfucking after all. Bye now." And with that Connie hung up.

Janice couldn't believe what she had just agreed to. Oh GOD! Her poor little asshole. Oh she'd had things stuffed in there before, but to have Tony's prick shoved all the way up there and then start ramming in and out... Janice couldn't help just shuddering at the thought of it. Well, that didn't matter now. She'd made the deal, and tomorrow it was going to happen. She might as well accept that and get on with her day.

It had been difficult, but Janice survived the waiting. As bad as having Connie spank her was going to be, it was having her anal hole stuffed full that was really preying on her mind. But, true to her word, at 8:45 Janice was in Tony's office waiting for Connie to arrive. She didn't have to wait long. Five minutes later, Connie walked into the room.

Connie just smiled and told Janice that as long as they were both there a little early, they might as well begin. She told Janice to drop her pants and come on over. There was no point in arguing. Janice removed her jeans and her panties and walked over to Connie. Then Connie sat down, and Janice just sighed and got over her lap.

For a moment, Connie just admired that big butt that was lying bare on her lap. Janice did have a large round ass. Then Connie landed her first smack, and Janice let out a little squeak. After that, Connie just started whacking that big thing. It was such fun to watch those cheeks bounce around. And it didn't take long at all for them to start turning a wonderful shade of red.

Janice hadn't been sure what to expect. She hadn't been spanked before, and she hadn't expected the fire that was starting to sizzle on her behind. And Connie kept smacking it. Janice kicked and squirmed, but spank after spank kept landing on her very sore butt. Janice began to beg Connie to stop, but the woman kept spanking.

Connie was loving it. Janice was begging and crying, and her big ass was just bouncing all over the place while Connie turned it such a wonderful shade of scarlet. But it was getting to be time to move onto other things. Connie slapped that big butt a few more times, and then she told Janice to get up and get ready.

God her ass BURNED!! And now she was supposed to let Tony stick his dick up it. Well there wasn't any choice. So Janice went over to the desk and bent over. She rested her head on the desk and kept her butt sticking up. Then she reached back and pried her cheeks open. Lord, just touching her asscheeks stung. Janice pulled her butt open far enough for her little anal hole to be out in the open and ready to be plugged. Then she just waited to be stuffed full.

As soon as Janice opened up, Tony moved over to her. He'd had mixed feelings about participating in this. Generally, Tony liked to be the one in charge. But Connie was doing such a good job, and this was looking like so much fun, that he decided to go along. So without any hesitation, Tony unbuckled his slacks and dropped them. Then he pulled his prick out and walked around to Janice's face. He told if she wanted to she could lubricate it. It was up to her, but he recommended highly that she do it.

Janice had no illusions about what was coming. If that thing went up her butt dry, it would rip her apart. So without a moment's hesitation, Janice opened her mouth and sucked that dick in. As soon as she had it, she sucked and slobbered and licked it. Anything to get it wet and slippery. Janice tried to keep the thing in her mouth, but pretty soon Tony was pulling it out and moving away. Janice watched it leave, sadly. She knew where it was going next.

After he moved, Janice couldn't really see Tony. But a few seconds later, she felt the head of that thing nuzzling at her rear opening. The woman only had a moment to relax, before the stiff thing began pushing its way in. Janice couldn't believe the feeling as her butthole was stretched open, and that log began moving up her behind.
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