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Fact or Fantasy? I'm going to leave that to your imagination. But please let me know if you enjoy the story. With enough positive feedback, I'll post further more about the weeks adventures!


You'll need to read parts I & II for the details of how I got to this point. Just to bring you up to speed, my best friend from college, Celeste, has me in a motel room with nothing but panties and a bra to wear. She's asked me to take those off. And she just told me she had one more surprise for me for the night.

I was game. We had visited just enough that I knew our friendship was still as solid as ever. Celeste, still fully clothed in contrast to my nakedness, came up to me and gave me a big, reassuring hug. Then she whispered in my ear. "Remember what we did to Sally on prom night?"

I shivered - we had stripped her, tied her to her bed, and left her to be found by whomever might have walked in. Fortunately for her, it was her roommates that found her.

"Yes, I do."

"Well, I'm going to be here with you for most of the time, but I have a bit of a surprise to go along with it. Do you trust me?"

I nodded, us still embracing each other. She loosened her hug and led me toward the bed. She lay me down on top of all the covers so there would be no way to cover me up (except towels again). Then she ever so gently but securely tied my arms, then my legs to the four corners of the bed. I wanted sex so bad right then that I would have done anything!

"Now, sis, I want you to go through a little endurance test for me." She reached into her purse and pulled out a vibrator. She turned it on the lowest setting there was and slowly, gently ran it over my lower lips, easing it into me. She made sure it was where she wanted it, then let go of it and left it in me. I needed so much more for relief!

"Celeste, what are you going to do?" I hadn't any more than asked the question but she had picked up the phone, dialed a number, and held it to my ear.

As the phone was ringing on the other end, she said "Order some pizza for us."

It was so difficult to concentrate, but somehow I managed to order a large pizza and a two liter of pop.

Then Celeste smiled at me. She went over to the sliding glass door and opened the shades. Then she walked to the main door. "I'll be back soon. The cash for the pizza is on the table. I'll leave the door so the delivery person can get in."

With that, Celeste swung the bar back on the door letting close but not lock and walked out. Oh, how I wish the vibrator was running faster. Or if I could only get my hands to myself. But Celeste had made sure my bindings were secure. The only thing I could do was concentrate on a fantasy world. But tonight I chose to relive the days experiences: naked in the hotel room, see-through clothes at the pool, and standing in the lobby. And now I was where I had only dreamed of, only fantasized about - helpless and somehow starting to near an orgasm. But I needed more. I had probably been there about 15 minutes when the door opened. I looked up to see Celeste smiling at me.

"Comfy?" she asked smugly.

I smiled at her the best I could. "I need more."

"Poor thing" she replied. But she sat down in a chair beside the bed and began idly playing with one of my nipples. It still wasn't quite enough. Oh, I was so close.

Soon there was a knock on the door. Celeste hadn't flipped the hook back around yet, so she said "Come on in, it's open."

I was so excited, but I still remember the look on the delivery man's face. He had walked into a hotel room where a big, fat woman was tied to the bed, a vibrator in her pussy, her nipples hard as rocks, and a gorgeous, nearly petite woman sitting there playing with her nipple.

Celeste spoke: "You can put the pizza on the table. I think there's enough money there to cover the price and the tip. Let me know if that's enough."

This man had to walk around the bed to get to the table. He sat the pizza down, picked up the cash and turned and faced us to count it.

"Ma'am, this covers the price but it's not much of a tip." You could even hear disappointment in his voice.

Celeste looked directly at him and responded matter-of-factly, almost sternly: "Well, if you think you're going to get some while you're here, you're wrong. She's mine and I'll be the one that decides when and where she has sex. Now, if I owe you more money, let me know. If not, and if you really have to have a more of a tip, you can play with her breasts for 45 seconds each."

I couldn't believe my ears! This was getting out of hand - I was scared now. What if he tried more, and Celeste couldn't stop him. Celeste and he seemed to be in a staring contest. And as bad as I wanted an orgasm, I was scared. He got down on his knees on the opposite side the bed from Celeste, pulled my breast over to him, and started sucking on it hard. That got me so close! And I know it wasn't any 45 seconds before he let go and left our room.

Celeste smiled at me. "Are you ready, Sheila?"

I didn't know for sure what she meant, but I knew what I hoped she meant. "For what?"

She smiled at me: "For relief."

"Oh, god yes! Please make me cum!"

Instead of reaching for me, Celeste reached for the phone. This time, to my surprise, she said she was going to call my husband. I'm sure question marks were in my eyes.

"You're going to tell him you're masturbating and you want to hear his voice when you cum. You're not to tell him I'm here. If he asks, I'm out getting dinner. But I'm going to be the one that gets you off." Then she dialed the number and held the phone to my ear. For once I hoped he wasn't home. But sure enough, he was.

The next few minutes was a combination of heaven and hell. I had to keep talking to my husband. I couldn't tell Celeste what I wanted. She'd get me right to the edge, playing with me and sucking on my nipples, then stop suddenly. When she finally did take me over the edge, I lost it. I tend to be loud when I cum, but I know people in every room around us had to hear me this time. And oh, what an orgasm it was!! My husband even asked several times if I was OK and what had made me cum so hard. I told him it was the fact that I was relaxed, in a hotel room, and didn't have to worry about any chores or interruptions from kids. We visited a minute before he asked if I was going to cum again. I told him I hoped I would a little later. We said our goodbyes and Celeste hung up the phone.

Then she said "Sheila, I can't wait any longer." She stripped and pulled out another vibrator. She turned mine up on high, then lay down beside me. She sucked on my nipples while she played with herself. It wasn't long until we were both in the throes of orgasm. And my 2nd one was more intense. I was drained. Celeste lay calmly beside me and turned my vibrator down.

We were both feeling rather peaceful when there was a knock at the door. Celeste got up and put her blouse on. (It covered her, but barely.) It was security.

"Ladies, it's really none of our business what you do behind closed doors as long as it's legal. But the key phrase here is behind. You need to close your curtains before I leave the room or I'll have to arrest both of you for indecent exposure and lewd acts in public view."

Celeste had a big grin on her face as she turned and walked to the windows. She closed the curtains and thanked the security guard. He left, Celeste untied me and we had some pizza, neither of us bothering to get dressed. We both went to bed shortly after that. I had one of the best nights rest I had gotten in at lest weeks, probably in months, possibly even in years.

The following week wasn't nearly as intense as the weekend, but there were plenty of surprise yet in store. I'll try to continue later. Watch for part IV!!
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