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Written Rape Stories Family Sex Incest Rape Free Pic Totally Free Rape Pics Fantasy Rape Video Clip
Connie Reborsky strained her neck to look out of the tiny barred skylight of her cell. Her piercing pupils stared up into the sky transfixed on a silver scar across the black night. The inquisitor had shown true insight earlier pointing it out to her describing it as a tear in the blanket of the heavens through which she had fallen. He had also mentioned with a sickening glee that each evening it was getting shorter and shorter till soon it would be gone forever.

"We're not getting back are we captain?" Asked Kitty almost as a matter of fact statement rather than question; and she too peered out of the skylight at the distant route back home.

Connie felt her heart sink as she gave a dry gulp.

"Even if we get out of here, how could we possibly take off again?"

Kitty clutched to straws.

"A rescue party might…" Then she stopped; knowing that that was even more unlikely than taking off again.

The women astronauts had been in the cell for what seemed like an eternity; but was probably no longer than a full day. The inquisitor had satisfied his mind and also his body that they were not witches and now he'd tasked himself with getting the two women to accept their fate.

As they'd looked skyward that evening the inquisitor had bid them a goodnight.

"The sooner you realise there is no escape the easier it will be for you to adjust." He had sneered

"Adjust." Kitty said softly her hourglass figure glowing in the torch light.

The inquisitor had given a beaked smile of wickedness.

"My Lord," he said proudly," is the finest breeder of his generation. It may take you some time to adjust to his carnal requirements."

That last taunting sentence had been almost a day ago and in that time the women had remained in their cell unable or un willing to contemplate escape. Kitty sat in a tiny cloth smock long legs together her heaving chest barely contain in the linen. Her hair was now a bedraggled cascading mix of blonde and dirty roots her blue eyes in dark tired eye sockets. The Gronk rape had been obscene, but both the lieutenant and Connie felt their faces blush as they remembers the pods exploding and their bodies betraying them.

The Captain also glowed with the same bronzed oiled look. Her brunette hair short and curled her fabulous eyes deep in thought. She remembered the past few days of interrogation. The inquisitor had taken great delight in finding out she was married. "Had been married," as he had sarcastically corrected.

"You'll find your new husband a most impressive replacement." He had added.

She was an experienced pilot and officer knowing death was always only a mistake away. But this wasn't death only a living hell. The crew had talk about suicide before crashing and there were many ways to make it happen, but she knew she wouldn't; there was always a chance.

Finally they heard footsteps and the clatter of beaks; Gronks talking in their own tongue.

Both women moved together as the cell door opened.

The women yelped in surprise as guards burst violently; dragging them back into the flame lit torture dungeon.

The inquisitor was there hand on his beaked chin in thought.

Reborsky was frog marched towards him arms pulled behind her back, chests thrust out, chin up in defiance.

"You are the stronger one." He said looking at Connie's icy stare. Then he turned to Kitty her mouth trembling. "But you my beauty seem ready to accept."

Kitty shook her head and snarled back desperately. "Never you bastard."

The inquisitor shrugged a knowing shrug

"We'll see."

He pointed to a deep slit trench in the stone floor. It was about 15 foot long and 5 foot wide. Its walls were greased black, slime dripping from the stone and as the edged closer they could see it went maybe twenty feet down into a glistening blackness.

At that moment there was a flurry of action as guard snapped to attention

The Gronk Lord had entered!

Up close his black armoured skin crackled with each movement his deep red eyes looking lustful and triumphant. His massive hips and thighs hid under a roman centurion like leather armour skirt. He looked at his new mistresses in satisfaction the inquisitor rubbing his hands together like a hopeful salesman.

"They have passed the trials?" He growled in question, the inquisitor nodding in satisfaction.

He looked again at the two women.

"They have such beauty yet so different from our race." He added. Then in his ancient English he spoke to them.

"Kneel before me my concubines."

The women looked at each other and he bellowed the order again.


Kitty dropped first then as the lord glared at Connie she too dropped to her knees.

The magnificent Lord stood legs apart his leather skirt twitching then slowly parting as his erection grew.

"By the moons of my ancestors these creatures stir my loins!"

Connie's eyes widened as she looked at the emerging penis head then up to the massive Gronks face. His banana shaped pale cock curved upwards, its head slightly bulbous a deep hole at its tip. It was maybe 8 or 9 inches long parting the leather strips rising up in front of the kneeling women's faces.

Suddenly it twitched and Kitty screamed. Connie bit her hand seeing the cock curl and sniff like a maggot. Instantly both women understood and they gripped each other was a gasp as slowly rising from under the darkness of his skirt was a new bigger monster.

"Oh Jesus it's only his seeding cock!" Cried kitty, Connie unable to speak her sexy mouth open in shock as she realise this twisted fat maggot was riding piggyback on his noble breeders main erection.

This would be a mere finger size on the other Gronks not a man size tool.

"Am I not impressive?" He laughed his massive prime erection rising up like a flag pole. "Much more impressive than your husband I think." he added in noble arrogance.

The women began to cough in disbelief. The cock was a dark oily night time blue the size of a mans forearm its head like a mans fist. Connie could see the finger wide spunk hole the skin drawing back to pull the tulip like head tight the whole cocks length maybe an impossible 17 or 18 inches

The lord gripped the huge shaft pointing it straight at the kneeling women his smaller human size cock wriggling above sniffing the sent of the two females. The humid air of the dungeon had a feint musky smell of manhood and the women's minds threatened to slip into a feint.

"Service your lord." He commanded

Both women shook their heads cowering back lips quivering. The inquisitor gave a apologetic bow explaining to the lord they were still undecided. He in turn gripped his rampant member in frustration

"Explain they have no choice." He ordered.

"I'd rather die than touch your fucking cock!" Snarled Connie. Kitty nodded in agreement but with fear in her eyes.

The inquisitor took a torch and lit oil laps on the side of the dark pit.

"Maybe." He snarled. "But dying is nothing compared to the pit." He added illuminating the trench.

Connie was pulled to her feet and dragged to the edge by the Gronk guards their powerful arms almost lifting her.

"Spend some time in the company of the pit and then decide." The lord laughed.

Kitty put her hand to her mouth Connie looking away in disgust. The bottom of the pit was a writhing mass of fat snakes like limbs. It was one bulbous long creature with countless tentacles of different sizes. The tips were of each tentacle were dripping penile heads. The whole beast no more than a mass of limbs twisting and writhing no mouth, eyes or features just tentacle after tentacle.

Kitty began to shudder still on her knees bay watch breast heaving as she hyperventilated.

"Oh Jesus no please don't." She screamed as she looked over to Connie teetering on the edge herself also now panting in terror.

The inquisitor bent down to Kitty's ear to explain.

"The pit creature's ejaculations and the writhing of its limbs would feed and exercise her for many months as it slowly raped her to death. Pain and pleasure in one continuous dance"

"NO Please! No don't push her in. I'll do it. I'LL DO IT!"

Kitty crawled forward her head raised up looking into the eyes of the Gronk lord.

"Please My Lord." She said her hand reaching up to grip round his huge erection; her finger and thumb only just touching as her hand encircled his shaft near the massive end.

"Please I'll do what you command."

She opened her mouth to try to take the cock end in but coughed as her lips were unable to opened wide enough. Her tongue felt for his tip and it slid a fraction into his spunk hole so big was the tube.

The lord gave a groan his hand ripping apart her meagre sack cloth top exposing her magnificent tits. He pushed forward his cock forcing her head back as she struggled to lick and gobble its end. The spittle began to run down her chin as she coughed and spluttered her one hand holding this monster back the other pulled up to grip his wriggling second cock.

Connie wrestled on the brink of the pit her feet slipping as she nearly tumbled in. Kitty could see her out of the corner of her eye as she tried to swallow the tulip like bulb of the Gronk's egg cock.

The lord was also tugging at his gnarled length grunting with delight his other hand on the back of Kitty's head pulling her mouth onto his tip. Kitty felt the eye hole widening her tongue almost able to slide down into it as his bud expanded, flowering.

Both women were amazed. He was coming almost instantly!

"UGggggggggg kkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

The Lord gave an enormous bellow, the tip exploding as the hole widened into a hose releasing copious amounts of sticky chunky egg come. Kitty's mouth was filled instantly her cheeks bulging her lips pulling away as she struggled to breathe. The thick chunky stuff was like porridge dripping from her chin. She gulped swallowing some but coughing big splats out over her tits.

"Ukk, ukk, uggggggggg!"

The Gronk lord gripped her hair and she squealed as he tugged her up off her knees to bend over his deflating prime trunk, and then rammed his man size maggot twisting member into her already stuffed mouth. The segmented worm like cock curled against her cheeks making thick toothpaste like streams of egg spill from the side of her lips. Kitty was still jerking this cock and she began to retched and shudder as it suddenly went stiff and pole upright pressing deep into her mouth spurting a long stream of piss seed down her throat

"Ujjjjjjjjjjjjjj!" Kitty's eyes rolled her hands going limp; her gullet blocked her senses passing out



She collapsed to the floor thick egg and runny seed come bubbling from her mouth over her mountainous domes pooling in her curvaceous hipped lap.

"Jesus! You've killed her!" Connie screamed; but then Kitty arched her back coughing and spewing mouthful after mouthful of ejaculation over her exhausted face like an erupting volcano. Finally she lay there her beautiful body coated with thick strands of alien semen.

The Gronk lord bent down to caress the exhausted blondes face and hair then fastened a massive clawed hand around her neck. As she tried to scream he pulled her to her feet and dangled her over the pit. Connie screamed in horror seeing her colleague eyes wide in terror her long legs kicking franticly.

"Until you accept," he growled looking at Connie, "she will be our pit whore."

And with that he dropped the screaming Kitty into the deep shaft. She fell in a crumpled pile all legs, hips and ass onto the writhing body of the creature. Her hands move to fend off dripping cock heads but almost immediately one, a fat python like appendage had begun to push in her pussy.

"Oh no, nooooooo uggggggg!"

Her beautiful fat lip mouth was engorged on another black fast snaking probe, almost countless others entwining her tits, wrapping her sweating thighs pinning her wrist. Connie saw her eyes widen and her mouth try to bite as two battling tentacle cocks pressed on her anus eventually one gaining slippery access ramming deep and then begin to pump back and forth.


Her lips were foaming as the beast began to ejaculate in her mouth and Connie realised the pussy deep python cock was also now thrusting in animal urgency. The Gronk's lined the pit edge staring down to watch like in a theatre.

"It has over a hundred tentacles!" The inquisitor said with glee. "By the time she has service all of them the first will be ready to seed in her again. In maybe a day she'll be a gibbering shell"

"Well?" Asked the lord standing over Connie," what is your answer?" And his talon hand gently rested on her delicate shoulder.

The captain stared in to the terrified girl's eyes, her body now a dark greased complexion, her fabulous figure distorted by thick branch like appendages smaller baby tentacles trying to fuck up her nose and in her ears as slowly she began to go crazy.


At the very pinnacle of the black tower you could see for miles. The evening sky was a deep red the final sun receding below the horizon. The bedchamber of the lord was topped with an amazing glass roof using ornately decorated beam, a wonder of his kingdom. And in the darkening sky Connie could see the thin slither of light that was a quickly shrinking route back home.

She felt up to the metal collar around her neck the grease chain dangling down over her naked breasts so it almost made no sound as the links twisted together. Her hands went to her breasts in a subliminal reaction her nipples aching with sensation and she gave a small groan of discomfort and pleasure as her fingers felt the hard weight of her mounds. They now feed them potions of aphrodisia almost constantly since she had accepted keeping her body in a constant state of readiness for service.

As she knelt on the bed the sounds of Kitty brought her from her skyward dream. The Gronk was on his back his hand around the lieutenants tight waist lifting the woman slowly up and down on his cock. Kitty was groaning in pleasure the massive arm like phallus sliding deep into her as deep as it could go. She could feel the head almost busting into her belly her pussy rim screaming as it was opened wider and wider by his monster erection. Her head was to one side as she bounce in delirium her pale white skin brilliant against his black hide.

The Gronk lord barked an order pulling the chain and Connie knew what to do. She slid closer holding Kitty's sweaty nape of her back her other hand gently lifting one of the woman's melon size tits; the nipple aroused and wanton feeding in into the nipping bite of the Gronk Lords beak.


The twisting slurping beak tongue could only raise a semi groan form Kitty as it slurped on her fat pink bud the sqealsh of her pussy juices almost drowning it out as she slopped up and down on the impossible to swallow cock.

Connie had come to realise the Lord was a master at love play only ejaculating a soon or as late as he chose and no amount of gasping or groaning could bring him to a climax without his own consent.

He pushed Connie's head down onto his piggy back cock as it slid up and down on Kitty's greased flat tummy. As the captain swallowed its weeping head she felt the tip of the naked Gronk's tails press then enter her anus, twisting and darting as it explored his concubine's orifices.

"You are looser each day my dear." He groaned as he enjoyed his delightful blonde mount.

The lord decided it was time to climax. His new mistresses had so far served him well and indeed their bodies were elastic enough for him to enjoy. Even the short haired one had began to groan and thrash in pleasure these last few nights.

"Get on your back!" He commanded and Connie nodded reclining on the bed her hard tits pointing to the glass roof her arms out her pussy shaven and pouting with arousal.

The lord lifted Kitty from his cock and she gave a long deep groan as his enormous length slipped from her wet twat.


"Lay on top of her." He growled and Kitty sluggishly responded.

Connie helped her as slowly Kitty slid up the woman's body her melons finally pressing against Connie's eager nipples.


There faces met and Kitty's lips pressed against her captain's cheek as she nestled her head in comfort.

"Oh god captain," she moaned in a pitiful way. But Connie just ignored her holding the girl fat round ass cheek steady.

The lord was over them and he gripped Connie's ankles pulling the up and back making her hook her legs over thebase of Kitty's back. He then pushed the lieutenants hips higher so she knelt exposing her pussy and Connie's winking anus.

Then there was a scream from Connie then an almost chuckle of disbelief.

"Uh god uggggggg uggggggggggg!"

The lord was pushing his mammoth cock into her anus. It felt like she was sitting on a street cone. She arched her back pressing her busom onto Kitty's


The cock was burrowing deep as it had finally achieved it goal over the last few weeks of effort. She felt like she would split inch after gnarled inch deep in her rubbery tube. Eventually it was deep enough for his second cock to push hard up Kitty's pussy and she gripped Connie's shoulders with her nails.

"Oh My lord," she gasped hoping to please.

The Lord began to thrust, hard, uncaring, unashamed.

Connie screamed as the cock fuck up her rear hole making her eyes pop, Kitty also gasping as the mans size pussy cock twisted like a demented dildo in her loose shaft.

"Ug, ug, ug, ug!"

The huge bed tattled as he pistoned into them, Kitty foaming at the mouth, Connie in one continuous bellow.


She could see the night sky and as Kitty's hair billowed over her see saw the silver slither in the darkness finally shrink to a brilliant star then disappear forever. The worm hole was gone and her chance of freedom. With it her family and her husband and now all that was left was this; an Alien lords plaything. She looked at the tall oil filled jar of green eel pods near by and knew she'd be in forced screaming ecstasy before they slept this night. He so much enjoyed watching them birthing the wriggling revolting contents.

"Kiss!" he barked as his hips became a blur, "I'm about to come my beauties!"

Kitty's mouth pressed hard onto the oval wailing lips of her captain as second later Connie's rear was stuffed full of wet alien egg chunks like a long soft shit had been sucked up her ass and above her young lieutenants pussy began to belch a torrent of semal piss the girl giving a sluttish groan as her tongue licked her own full pouting lips.

The End

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