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Please read Nisida's Tale Part Six before reading this story.

* * * * *

Nisida slept for the better part of two days. She vaguely recalled Elvis carrying her up the stairs and into the guest bedroom that Shehu had put aside for her use. She recalled the feel of the cold water on her body as Elvis and Millie had washed the blood and dried cum off her. She could feel in her mind the soft sheets and silk pillows of the bed but conscious thoughts were beyond her recollection.

She thought she recalled hearing a conversation between Shehu and a doctor the next morning.

"She's beat up and a little sore but over all she will be all right." The doctor had said.

"Good." Replied Shehu. "She is a brave girl and I am proud of her, though she has much to learn."

"I've given her a morning after pill. That should prevent pregnancy."

Nisida had been thankful to hear that. Though she was on the pill she had been of course concerned.

It was more than a full day later when she next awoke. Shehu was sitting at a desk in the far corner of the room working silently. Elvis and Anton were across the room at small table playing cards.

"Do I really need this many bodyguards?" She asked weakly.

All three men jumped up.

Shehu Came over and sat on the edge of the bed.

"No my dear, you do not, but we were concerned. How do you feel?"

Nisida shook her head. "Tried, hungry, I need to pee."

The three men laughed.

Shehu turned to Anton. "Tell Millie to fix a tray and bring it here."

Then he pulled the blankets away from her body. She was still naked. It no longer seemed that big of a deal.

"Help her to the rest room." He ordered Elvis.

"I can...." Nisida began to say swinging her legs out of the bed.

Suddenly though she felt the weakness in them. Elvis clutched her arm and helped her across the room to the bathroom.

As she walked she felt the strength come back into her legs. Still she accepted the help. Elvis guided her to the toilet and helped her sit. In the corner of her mind she wondered if she would ever feel shame again. Here she was sitting on a toilet peeing in front of this man and she felt no shame, no embarrassment. She finished and stood up. Suddenly she glanced at her own body and said

"Oh my God."

"What's the matter?" Asked Elvis.

"Look at my I'm a hairy mess...I look like Bigfoot."

Elvis laughed loudly. His laugh attracted Shehu who stepped into the bathroom.

"What is so funny?" Shehu asked raising an eyebrow.

Elvis pointed at Nisida. "She's complaining about her body hair."

Nisida pointed to her raised arm pit. "Bad enough I have to walk around naked without looking like a hairy ape."

Shehu smiled and said. "Tell Millie to bring Nisida some materials to shave herself."

Elvis nodded and left the room laughing.

Shehu reached out his hand to her and lead her back to the bed.

He sat on the edge of the bed as Nisida crawled under the blanket.

"I will speak and you will listen." He said simply.

She nodded.

"The situation is still dangerous. While Nazim has been disposed of the fact that he dared to make a move against me tells me that many of my so-called allies had given him a green light. I must weed these traitors out and take care of them. I have taken measures to secure the house and you will be safe here."

Nisida began to speak. "I...was ........"

"Hoping to go home?" Shehu shook his head. "For now that is not possible. You have been linked with me therefore you are in danger. "

"My brother?"

"Is safe. I have sent three men to be with him at all times. The workers in the diner have been told that you have gone home to Durres for an extended vacation. You my dear will remain here until I am sure that it is safe for you to leave. I will have Millie and Elvis go to your apartment and bring back any items you may want."

"Except for clothing?"

Shehu nodded. "I see no reason for you to have that."

"That was not our deal."

Shehu smiled. "I am afraid our deal will need to be renegotiated my dear. Your brother and you have seen much. Now I believe that you will never speak of it but I will need time to know I am right."

Nisida squirmed in the bed.

Shehu went on "Further while you were brave the other night you squandered opportunity to use your given power to prevent your abuse. You could have used your sex to get out of the situation instead you allowed it to be labiality."

Nisida could not believe her ears of all the male chauvinistic pig headed things she had ever heard this was the most insulting. She had been abused and raped and now she was being told she should have prevented it. Like she would not have done so if she could have.

"You do not believe me do you?" Shehu said softly.

Nisida shook her head.

Shehu pulled the blankets away exposing her body. He reached his hand down between her legs and began to rub.

"Here is the most powerful weapon in the universe. All men want it. All men crave it. Men have fought wars and brought down empires to possess it. They can take it by force but there is little satisfaction in that. It is a prize that must be given or it is of little use. Yet it is weak and easily aroused."

Nisida felt the moisture between her legs begin to flow.

Shehu used his hand to part her legs and slipped a finger into her cunt.

"Men and even women desire this; in fact it is the only object that is equally desired between its owner and those who want it. It is power. It is a prize. And you my dear must learn to use it. Women like you think they know what to do with it. Oh you try to keep men out of it but that is of no use all you do then is make them want it more. Instead you must let them in it, for it is a prize like a drug. Once a man is in then he never wants to get out. He never wants to be cut off. Cut him off and he will do anything to get back in. If he is never allowed in then what good is that? He will never know what he is missing. Do you understand?"

"No.....maybe...... I...."

Shehu stopped rubbing her swollen clit. He stood and slowly removed his clothes. Naked he lay down next to her. As he rolled towards her she felt his hard cock against her leg. He pulled her softly towards him and began to kiss her mouth. She responded with a hunger that surprised her. Slowly and steadily she felt him rub his cock against the inner part of her raised thigh. He carefully rolled her on her back and straddled her.

"You will never know power unless you know humiliation."

He leaned into her and kissed her passionately on her lips.

"I propose new rules my dear. Rules under which you will learn."

He stroked his cock against the upper part of her pubic hair brining it temptingly to the edge of her cunt lips.

"Your prize? I will sign over all six businesses to you at the end of the fiscal year. You will own them outright. And I will deposit one million dollars into your private account."

She reached up and stroked his face. "In exchange?"

"You will learn. You will be my masterpiece. You will do whatever I require sexually. With me, with my men, with anyone that I allow. You will leave all modesty to the wind. You will live here for the year. I will eventually allow you some free time but for now you will be mine twenty four seven."

"Anything sexually?" She asked her voice hard and husky.

He leaned into her closer still, his hard penis pressing against the softness of her mound. She pulled her legs close, all she needed to do was spread them just a little and he would be in her.

"There is power here my dear." Shehu whispered in her ear. "Do you not see it?"

Slowly almost painfully she spread her legs. He pressed closer to her.

"You must give ascent my dear."

Shehu pressed his cock tip right against her soft lips.

Nisida struggled to say no. "Yes."

She forced her legs apart then reached them behind his legs and pulled him into her.

"Fuck me now."

He entered her with force pounding his body against hers. She felt as if he were going to go right though her body. His cock pressed hard against her pubic bone. She felt the wave of organism sweep over her then in a flush she felt his hot cum enter her body. He fell against her racking in organism. She felt the wet drip between them and feel the moisture of his cum with her own on her thighs.

Shehu rolled off of her and for the first time she opened her eyes. Across the room Millie was setting a meal on the table and Anton and Elvis were once again playing cards. She had been fucked in full view of all of them. Shehu rose from the bed.

"Very good my dear, welcome to your new life."

He picked his clothes up off the floor and headed towards the bathroom.

"I am going to shower." He said to all in the room.

Before he stepped into the bathroom he turned towards Elvis and Anton.

"Gentlemen. Nisida will now be servicing all of you in any way you please. Feel free to take advantage of that as soon as she has had something to eat. You may also pass this information on to the other men as well. I caution you, and though you them, She is not to be abused or hurt in any way."

Of Course Not Sir." Elvis said flatly.

Shehu turned towards her. "Go and eat my dear."

"I was going to wash up first." She said.

"NO" Shehu ordered. "Eat first."

Slowly Nisida got out of bed and walked over to the table. As she did she felt Shehu's cum drip down her legs. As she sat Millie clutched her hand. She leaned in and whispered in her ear.

"Later I must tell you of my sister....his wife and what she learned."

As if in a trance Nisida slowly began to eat. As she did she wondered what she had gotten herself into now. She hoped she had made the right choice. In the hot area between her thighs she felt the after shock of her organism and she was sure that she had.

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