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On tired legs I walked through to the kitchen and headed to the fridge seeking refreshment. I found a six pack of Tim's beer and a box of white wine for Liz. After grabbing a couple of cans for myself and pouring a large glass for Liz, I found her having a shower to freshen up after our energetic morning of full on sex. I would have loved to stand in the bathroom and admire her while she showered, but that would have left me wanting a wank or blowjob for relief afterwards. Instead I left her alone and went through to the lounge and watched some TV while I relaxed & enjoyed my beers.

About half an hour later Liz came in wrapped in her white robe, with her hair in a towel, and carrying a tray of lunch to boost our energy levels ready for the afternoon. We sat on the settee enjoying our sandwiches, crisps & drink as we watched the start of the various sports fixtures on TV. At one stage they showed the crowds forming at the Man City v Derby County game and I laughed out loud.

"What's so funny?" Liz inquired.

I ran my hand up Liz's soft thigh as I replied "Just imagine if we saw Tim & Andy in the crowd as I am sitting here having lunch with you after fucking Tim's wife and Andy's mother."

Liz did not look amused, but I enjoyed her look of discomfort at the realisation of her being unfaithful in her home with one of her husband's employees. The thought crossed my mind of fucking Liz while the match was on live later in the afternoon so it reminded her of her dangerous position and that she couldn't change her circumstances now she was beholden to me for her future standing as the snotty wife of the upcoming project manager; or instead be the shop lifting wife who disgraces her husband's career if the truth came out. Oh, the sense of power that I had.

"I am going to have a shower & freshen up myself while you finish your lunch," I said as I got up & finished off my second beer, before heading to the bathroom.

The hot water streaming over me was so revitalising as I stood in the shower and just soaked under the wonderful stream of water. I gently soaped all of my body taking care with my tender balls and semi hard prick to ensure they were nice & clean ready for the second half, so to speak! After 10 minutes under the hot water I stepped out and dried myself off before putting on Tim's white robe & heading back to the lounge.

As I walked into the lounge the most fucking amazing & beautiful sight greeted my eyes. Liz was bending over the coffee table placing down a plate of cut fruit; but she was dressed in stunning lingerie.

"Oh, just for me, you shouldn't have!, ........and the fruit looks nice as well," I quipped.

She was wearing two high heels with delicate straps around her black stocking clad ankles. Black silky stockings covered her mighty fine calves & thighs, leaving a band of white thigh flesh, spanned by suspenders, below a black satin G string tied with cords on her hips. As my eyes continued up her stunning body I admired the intricate silver & black corset / bodice that clung to her fine figure, emphasizing the flare of her hips underneath and the fantastic sight of her full 36C breasts confined within the restrictive space of her bodice. As she breathed a surcharge of breast heaved over the constraints of the material, the white flesh in stark contract to the black & silver bodice. Her long hair had been blow dried and now cascaded onto her smooth shoulders.

"Wench, you are one fucking stunning damsel that looks like she needs some distress," I commented as I stepped forward to get a better view.

"I am going to fuck the arse off you this afternoon," I crudely informed her, and Liz just smiled in anticipation.

My hands reached out to close over her trapped breasts as I massaged her beautiful orbs through the material, making her nipples harden instantly, and Liz swooned :"Oh yes," as her hardening nipples sent messages of pleasure to the rest of her body.

Sliding my hands under her arms & down her sides I pulled her to me to thrust my tongue deep into her hungry mouth as my hands completed their journey onto her firm warm buttocks, cupping her satin cheeks one in each appreciative hand.

As I appreciated & lusted after the hot woman in my arms my prick hardened to come out between the folds of the robe to rub against her satin covered mound. Our passion & lust increased as our hungry mouths devoured each other as if we hadn't just eaten lunch. Fuck Liz was one horny minx as she drew heavily on my tongue and moved her hands inside my robe to cup and squeeze my arse.

Breaking the kiss, I thrust my face down into the warm smooth valley of her entrapped cleavage, my tongue delving deep into the warm flesh licking her breasts as it ran up & down her cleavage. Liz ground her crotch hard against mine as she tugged to remove my robe.

My robe fell to the floor as I tongue lashed her tits, all the time groping her beautiful satin covered arse. Liz placed one hand under my balls which sent shivers through my body at the sensation of her gentle warm touch. We were both hungry & desperate for each other as I sank to my knees to thrust my face into her mound. I lashed my tongue hard over her satin G string, pushing the material into the folds of her pussy lips, making Liz arch backwards in pleasure, grinding her mound tight to my face as her hands pushed my face hard against her.

As I licked hard, I could see her juices start to penetrate the satin and I breathed in her scent, deep into my lungs as her pussy lit up to the attention it was being given. I ran my fingers up and down the crack of her arse several times before untying the string of her G string and holding it in my hands. Before removing it, I pulled it backwards & forwards in a sawing action making the material chafe deep between her lips.

"AArrgghh, yyyeess," Liz groaned out loud, "Rub it across my clit."

Being the gentleman that I am, I obliged making sure the material was as tight as I could make it and using my tongue over her hood to apply as much pressure as possible to her love button.

After a couple of minutes, Liz's breathing was coming fast & in gulps as I eased my mouth back and replaced it with my finger to stimulate her hardening clit through the now saturated g string. Looking up I could see Liz rubbing her trapped breasts to give her additional pleasure as she headed for the first of many orgasms this afternoon.

Her knees started to sag, so I pulled the G string away and clamped my mouth down tight on her clit by gripping her buttocks and heaving her tight against my penetrating tongue. This fresh hard assault took Liz over the edge as one hand dropped to the back of my head to mash my face deep into her bouncing mound and juice dripping pussy. To tease & torment her even more I groped her buttocks & thrust a finger tip hard against her puckered arsehole.

"Take me you bastard, take me, just fuck me," she begged.

Spinning her around I pushed her onto the settee where she knelt on the edge of the cushions and rested her head & arms on the back of the settee.

Instead of climbing up and ramming my prick into her from behind as she expected and wanted; I gripped her buttocks hard in each hand and pulled them apart, allowing me to thrust my tongue straight into her now exposed and vulnerable puckered hole.

"No, fuck me, I need fucking, just fuck me," She demanded.

"All in good time wench," I responded taking a breather while I replied, and at the same time giving her buttocks a couple of hard slaps so she remembered her place and who was in charge.

"You bastard," she screamed as my tongue recommenced its penetration of her arse and my hand slid between her legs to thrust my thumb into her sodden pussy while the finger rubbed over her clit. To add to her pleasure and pain my other hand reached around her side to grip her confined breasts and nipples through the bodice, while occasionally extending fingertips to rub over the soft overflowing tit flesh above the bust line of her bodice.

UUhhh, that's nice," Liz groaned, probably overloaded by all the areas of stimulation sending messages of pleasure to her brain; plus possibly the occasional wince of pain as I tweaked her now tender & erect clit. By now her body & senses were taking over and she started to thrust her arse back on to my tongue and push down with her breasts to ensure I always had a handful.

A couple of minutes later I could feel Liz bouncing to bring herself off, so I left her arse alone and lapped at the underside of her pussy while still plunging my thumb into sodden walls of her pussy; teased her clit with my finger; and massaged her breasts through her bodice. This was the final sensation needed to start the deluge of juices & her wailing as her body took its pleasure from all the stimulation I was giving it. Her arse kept hammering back into my face as she heaved around on the settee, making me thrust my thumb deeper into her pussy while at the same time gripping hard down on her clit like a bowling grip.

Fuck yes, use me, abuse me, I'm yours," Liz screamed as her juices ran over my fingers.

"Yes I know, and I will," I replied coldly as I rubbed hard over her clit and gripping a hard nipple through her bodice making Liz scream loudly. I nearly shot my load there & then at the beauty in front of me as her stockinged calves rubbed along my sides, sending thrilling sensations to my throbbing prick.

I desperately wanted to fuck her hard, there & then; but in reality I wanted to shot my load into her while fucking her senseless in her marital bed. Mastering & using my utmost self control, I stood up behind Liz and removed my juice covered thumb from her pussy. Now I thrust my thumb deep into her arse & three fingers deep into her pussy, making Liz scream again at this latest and roughest violation of her body.

God damn it you bastard," she screamed "I want fucking."

Wiggling my fingers inside her pussy I responded "I am fucking you, you just didn't specify with what!"

"I want your prick," Liz demanded as she continued to shake and heave her body as I dragged out her orgasm as long as I could, with her juices running off my fingers as they emerged from the depths of her pussy. In fact I was almost fisting her. Her arse clamped down tight on my thumb, both in pleasure and to try to restrict the movement it allowed my wrist & fingers that were violating her pussy.

Please stop, I can't take any more," my wench begged.

"You want more?" I questioned.

"No, No NNNooo," Liz screamed trying to pull forward on the settee to get away from my fingers plundering her now tender & swollen pussy.

Finally I eased out of her and gave her heaving buttocks a couple of slaps in final appreciation of her long orgasm.

Liz just sank into the settee, leaving me standing there with a raging hard on that needed satisfaction. Her arse was still jutting in the air, twitching slightly from the after shocks of her orgasm; and I could see her juices running down the inside of her thighs. I have never known anyone like Liz that has such a juicy & copious pussy. Her ability to absorb and enjoy so many orgasms as I toyed with, abused & fucked her body was just unbelieveable. I just wish I had more stamina & spunk to be able to match her number of orgasms to make our illict & outrageous sex sessions even more beneficial to both of us. Please don't get me wrong when you read this; the opportunity to fuck around with Liz is an absolute pleasure so me, it's just that my perverted, sex driven mind has more plans, schemes & positions than my body is able to perform and deliver - much the pity.

As Liz fought to recover her breathing and reduce her pulse rate; I gruffly instructed "Turn ninety degrees and put your hands on the arms on the settee and hold your head up high."

"What?" Liz questioned.

"You heard wench," I scolded "Now do as you're fucking told." She looked such an object of lust and desire knelt there on the settee in her stockings & bodice looking the absolute ultimate fuck doll. Normally I treat women with the utmost respect, care and love; but something about Liz and our relationship just brings out the basic animal instincts in me. I won't make her suffer as such, but a little pain and abuse seems to enhance our 'relationship'.

Slowly Liz turned and obeyed my instructions as I walked to the end of the settee.

What a fucking amazing view greeted me as I finally stood facing Liz's upturned sweat drenched face.

Her hair hung into sweat drenched rivulets at the side of her face, her breath panted through her full red lips as her mouth hung open in front of me; but best of all was the absolutely fucking stunning view beneath her chin as I looked down the valley of her heaving cleavage, as surplus breast flesh washed over the top of her bodice each time she took in lung fulls of air. Fuck I have seen some sights in my time, but this view of heaving bodice encased full heaving breasts with such wonderful cleavage blew my mind, but hopefully not my wad of hot spunk that desired expenditure in her tantalising pussy.

Looking deep into her passion filled eyes I took my rigid cock in my hand and angled it downwards so I could slide into the tight cleavage in front of me. As the head of my cock came into contact with her warm orbs of tit flesh I left a trail of precum on her skin as the tight friction between her tits rolled my foreskin backwards to expose my hot glands to the magnificent feelings of being wedged in the bosom of a wanton woman. I took Liz's head in my heads to hold her steady as I kept stock still buried in this unbelievable position trying hard to control the desire to flood her cleavage with my spunk. It took my utmost self control to just appreciate my fortunate position and not spoil the rest of the afternoon by coming now. I ran my hands through Liz's hair as I gazed into her eyes, seeing the longing there to continue our afternoon of sex in her martial bed while her husband and son enjoyed the football match in Manchester.

Once I knew I had control over myself I moved my hands down onto the front of her bodice to run my hands over the material containing the most amazing & beautiful pair of tits I had ever seen. Rubbing her nipples through the lacy material I started to slowly plough my cock in & out of the warm flesh.

"Oh fucking hell Liz, your tits are fucking amazing," I praised her.

"Please don't come on my tits as I want you to come deep inside me. I don't care if you take my pussy or my arse, but I want you to come inside of me," my wanton slut begged me.

Fuck I nearly shot my load there and then as her words resounded in my ears. I had to pull out of her wonderful cleavage immediately otherwise I would shot the lot right then.

"Get you yourself on your bed with your arse high in the air ready for me," I harshly instructed.

Liz was off the settee like a shot, out of the lounge and down the hall to her bedroom. I knew that if I followed her immediately I would only manage a couple of strokes into her before blowing my load immediately. So instead I walked to the kitchen and grabbed another beer, before walking down the hall to join Liz in her bedroom.

What a glorious sight greeted my eyes, Liz kneeling side ways on, resting on her elbows, her breasts almost touching the bed, and her hips thrust high into the air atop of her stunning stockinged thighs. I caught a glimpse of her hand pulling away from between her legs as she was so desperate to come again.

Instead of walking up behind her and claiming what was rightfully mine, I instructed her "Turn to face me now!"

She quickly spun ninety degrees on the bed so that her elbows rested on the edge of the bed and her head reached over the edge towards me.

Being a really cruel calculating bastard, I just stood looking down on the sex hungry woman, and calmly opened my beer, taking a long pull on it's cold contents. "AAhhhhhh," I sighed as the cold tasty liquid washed Liz's juices down my throat.

"You heartless bastard," Liz growled and she was right. But what she didn't understand was that I was imprinting the image of her on my brain to enjoy again and again in the coming weeks as I fondly remembered today.

"Want some beer?" I considerately offered, holding out the can towards her.

"NO, I want fucking now you have got me this wet. My cunt is aching for your cock,...... Now fuck me!!!" she growled and glared at me.

Can you picture the sight in front of me - A fucking beautiful sweat drenched woman staring hard at me with full lips sending begging words of lust & need in my direction; as she knelt in front of me!!! I look down at the fucking unbelievable beauty of her full breasts & cleavage that is just begging for attention. I stare for a couple of minutes before taking a final pull on my beer, and realign my eyes over her bodice wrapped arched back to her flared hips and the sight of her rounded buttocks and the divine crack of her arse.

"If you don't fuck me now I will have to do it for myself," Liz threatened.

"If you touch you pussy I will take my hand to your tender arse until your neighbours hear you scream begging me to stop," I coldly informed her as I placed the empty beer can on the floor.

Reaching forward with my left hand I thrust my fingers deep into her cleavage and cupped my fingers under her left breast before easing it upwards towards me so that it's fullness finally escaped it's captivity and hung free under gravity.

Liz sighed loudly as I reached under to cup its weight in my hand. Slowly I massaged the firm flesh and rubbed over her now erect nipple.

"AAhhhh yes," Liz groaned in pleasure, so I transferred her left breast to my right hand as I reached forward to ferret out her right breast. Soon I had two great orbs of 36C tit swaying in my hands as I pulled, rubbed and teased her swollen nipples in my hand.

This just wasn't enough for my wench, so she reached between her legs to start playing with herself. Soon she was panting, so I pulled her upright on the bed with Liz pushing herself up with her free hand so I didn't pull to hard on her nipples.

"So you choose to defy me then," I harshly commented as I suddenly pulled her forward by the back of her head making her fall forward over the arm of the settee. Liz reached to the floor to save herself as my first slap resounded hard across her arse as it jutted up high over the settee arm.

AArrgghhh Nnooo, please," begged Liz, "I'm so sorry I desperately need to be fucked as my pussy aches to be filled and to feel your cock shot your seed deep into my cunt."

I slapped her several times more, seeing the red welts start on glow on her abused flesh; then with my free hand I slide my finger down her crack before slipping it into her anus to hold her in place. Her flesh felt hot as it quivered under my hand as I gave her a further three slaps.

Looking down, my wench was at my feet with her arse thrust high so I could now slide my hot spanking hand over her stockinged legs to feel their silky coolness ease the heat out of the palm of my hand. It also calmed Liz down, so that she realised that the punishment for her indiscretion was over. Pulling my finger back out of her arse I ran my hand round her arse to feel between her thighs. The skin either side of her pussy was just a slick trail of spent juices running down her thigh. This was the roughest I had ever treated Liz in our three fuck sessions since she was caught shop lifting. But it now proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that this normally stuck up, snotty woman took and gott pleasure from being mistreated. And fuck, I loved her for it.

Liz was sobbing slightly as she whispered "I am sorry, I will do as I am told."

"Fair enough wench, now knee upright in front of me," I instructed and stepped back to give her room to do so.
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