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In the dim light of the torches the crowd was still and quiet. The only sound was Susan's soft sobbing as her body hung there, here legs spread wide and manacled off, her hands in irons above her head, and her naked body pale in the flickering light and streaked with blood the old woman had rubbed on her. I held my breath, waiting for something to happen; the two men holding my arms tightened their grip as I saw a movement in front of the stage.

I gasped as I saw the figure mount the stage. He was huge, at least 7' tall and very muscular. He was naked except for a loincloth and his black body was painted with streaks of white paint. His face looked like a mask with the white splotches and designs. Susan had not opened her eyes yet as the man approach her helpless body. Standing in front of her he reached both hands to her breasts.

Her scream penetrated the clearing as she felt the hands touch her breasts and opened her eyes to the huge grotesquely painted man that stood in front her. Susan's body thrashed against the iron restraints as the man ran his hands over her breasts, lingering at the nipples before moving down her belly to the beginning of her blonde bush. Susan frantically pulled against the ropes, tossing her head from side to side, begging him to leave her alone as he pushed two fingers into her pussy, the other hand finding the clitoris. Her eyes widened as his fingers began to roll the clitoris nub while the other fingers pushed several inches into her. For several minutes he played with her body, the crowd watching in silence, the only sound being Susan's sobbing. He withdrew his hands and turned to the silent audience. Slowly he pulled the loincloth off his hips and let it drop to the floor of the stage. I gasp in fear for Susan as an excited buzz went through the crowd. He was huge, the area around the base of his massive cock white so the blackness of his penis and sack stood out. Slowly he turned back around and Susan screamed in fear as she saw his cock.

"NO, NO, PLEASE, SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME," she screamed as the man positioned himself between her out stretched legs. Susan was frantic! "NO, PLEASE, I CAN'T TAKE THAT---IT"S TOOO BIG," she cried as the man grasped the base of his massive black cock and ran the tip over her pussy. Her breathing was rapid and ragged as the tip was forced an inch past her lips, the mushroom head not even completely in her. Her body strained against the iron manacles as the man grasped her hips and held her steady while he slowly flexed his hips. Susan's eyes widened and then closed tightly, her head tossing back and forth, as the man pushed the black cock deeper into her. Her screams had subsided into pitiful pleads that the man was too big and cries not to hurt her.

I heard Susan sort of moan, the air leaving her lungs, when the man changed the method and thrust his cock forcibly in her. The moaning continued as the cock plunged deep into Susan only to be slowly withdrawn before plunging back in her to the hilt. I could see the man's hips set a fast rhythm as he drove into the helpless body, her legs irons biting into her ankles with every thrust of the cock, her face red with shame as the obscene rape continued. Susan quit screaming and only moaned, her face grimacing with each thrust of the massive cock.

Suddenly I saw the man greatly speed up his movement and then, just as quickly, thrust forward and pull her hips to his groin and hold her there as he started to cum inside her. Susan felt it too, because with a voice full of despair, she begged him not to cum in her. When it became apparent to her that he was already cumming, she started to cry, the sobs racking her body as the man roared out his climax, filling Susan with his black seed.

The crowd was silent, the only sound being Susan's soft sobbing as she felt his cock contracting again and again, filling her with his seed. After several minutes of holding himself deep within her body, he released her hips and withdrew. I could see some of the sperm seep from her pussy and drip on the floor. Mesmerized, I watch as the man walked off the stage. The old woman stepped toward Susan and placed her hand against Susan's slit. With a shout she held up her hand and I could see the glistening cum on her fingers that was leaking out of Susan's body.

The drums resumed and the men and woman started to dance again, only this time they were shedding their clothes and in a frenzy of lust they grabbed at one another and sunk to the ground, their bodies entwined in all sorts of sexual mating. I screamed as several of the dancers touched my breasts and hips as they spun by. The men holding me turned and forced me back down the path that had brought us to this clearing. I looked back and the last I saw was the old lady with her head buried between Susan's legs. When we reached the main path to the house one stepped behind me and held both my arms at the elbow while the other slide his hand between my legs. Slowly the man in front, smiled and said, "You're wet down there. Don't despair though, your time is soon and then you will feel the power of our cocks." They released my arms and faded into the darkness.

I stood there, trembling and not knowing what to do. I thought of Susan and started back down the smaller path, but when I reached the clearing there was nothing there except the torches and the stage. The people and more importantly, Susan had disappeared. I stood there for a second, when suddenly the drums started again. Panicking I ran back down the path to the hotel and when I reached the front porch I stopped to catch my breath.

I leaned against one of the pillars on the porch, my mind raced through what I had seen and fearful for Susan. Suddenly I jumped and cringed against the pillar when a soft voice said, "Come join us." I turned quickly and there on the porch was the blonde woman I had seen earlier in one of the rooms. This time she was on her hands and knees and I gasped as my eyes adjusted to the dim, flickering light. Behind her, almost blending into the darkness was a black man. He had mounted her and held her hips as he plunged into her over and over. The only sounds were her soft moans of what had to be pleasure combined with the slap of his hips against her ass with every stroke in, and my own rapid breathing.

I watched in fear, and some excitement, as another black appeared from the shadows and rubbed his cock over the woman's face. She reached up with one hand and to my amazement grasped the cock and, parting her lips, enclosed the tip with her mouth. I felt my heart pounding as the men's cock pounded the woman, her nipples hard as her body responded to the sexual stimulation. I could see the cock as it slide smoothly in and out of her pussy. The other man grasped her hair as he fucked her mouth. Once again I heard the soft voice as the man held out his hand to me and said, "Come, join us and you will experience what few others have." I looked at the speaker and hesitated. Gently, he grasped my hand and pulling me closer, placed it on his erection.

"Oh no," I stammered as I jerked my hand away and turning, ran to the front door, through the lobby and up the stairs. I slowed as I reached our room and came to a complete stop when I realized the door was open. My heart raced as I eased up to the door and looked in. A sob escaped my lips as I saw my husband on his back, a very attractive black girl going down on his fully erect cock and two other girls sucking on his nipples. I started to back away when hands went around my waist and the same soft voice whispered, "Watch your husband." Helpless, I watched as my husband began to flex his hips forcing the woman to adjust her position as she sucked on his cock. I could tell that John was close to cumming, his body covered with sweat as the woman worked on him. The final jerk of his body told me that he was ejaculating. The woman took all of him and started a rhythmic sucking as he filled her mouth with his cum. After several seconds she looked at me, smiled, and slide her mouth slowly off of John's cock, a mixture of his cum and her saliva running down her chin. The voice again said in my ear, "Join us." I felt the hands release me as the door closed. I was left standing in the hall, my mind confused, my body trembling, unable to move. I sunk to the floor and cried as the first light of dawn shone through the window.

I must have fallen asleep because Susan's husband, Al found me and helped me up. He started to open the door to my room, but I didn't want to face John so I told him that John and I had a terrible fight and asked if Susan was there and when he said she was, I asked if I could stay with her. Al looked at me sort of strangely, but he said OK and that Susan was really tired because she didn't sleep much last night. I started to tell him what I had witnessed, but decided not to as I entered the room. I slipped into bed beside my friend and after Al left I gently woke her.

In a low voice I said, "Susan are you alright? What happened last night?"

Slowly she turned to me and with tears in her eyes said, "They made me, I couldn't help it, I, I---," but she couldn't finish. I held her as she sobbed and after ten or so minutes she continued. "They came to my room. They must have drugged Al or something because I screamed and fought, but he never moved. They took me away from the house and tied me to a wooden frame in a clearing."

Gently, I told her I knew, because they came for me too and forced me to watch as the old woman prepared her and the black man raped her. I softly asked her what happened after that.

"They took me to a hut and tied me spread eagled to a bed and, and ---- then they took me" she sobbed, "Over and over." Tears were built up in her eyes and the dam broke as she told me about what happened. "The women, they---they forced me to cum after each man raped me. I couldn't help it. Oh Lynn, Lynn, they untied me and I let the last man fuck me." She was sobbing now as she told me how they sexually stimulated her until she wanted the last man and how she passionately responded as the black man fucked her.

I comforted her and told her I understood, but she raised her head and told me, "You don't understand! They took videos of me as the black man fucked me; Videos of us kissing and close-ups of my face as I came. The said they would send it, send it to--- What happens if my family finds out or, or-." Bitter sobs racked her body as I held her and soon she drifted off to sleep.

We woke and noticed the sun was going down. As we got up there were two trays of food and since we had not eaten since lunch the day before, we wolfed them down. As we finished I heard the door open and I screamed as 4 grotesquely painted black men entered the room. I started for the door, but two of them caught me and flung me to the bed where they twisted my arms behind my back and snapped slave manacles on my wrists Working quickly, they put an iron collar around my neck and locked it in position.

Lying on the bed, I was surprised to see Susan put her arms behind her back and stand there passively as they put manacles on her wrists. Then they snapped a collar around her neck. I gasped as one of them removed his loincloth and walked toward Susan, his erect cock standing straight out from his body. She hung her head as the man put his hands on her shoulders and forced her to her knees, the black cock inches from her lips. Her body shuddered and her eyes closed as she slightly parted her lips and leaned slightly forward. The tip of the cock parted her lips a little more as it pushed against her teeth. The man ran the tip over her lips and then grabbed her hair with both hands and hissed, "Open your mouth bitch."

My eyes caught Susan's and I saw a look of complete despair and submission as she opened her mouth and the black man began to fuck her mouth with long, slow strokes. I watched as the man continued to piston his cock in and out of the open mouth. Faster and faster he stroked until with a growl he pulled her face to his belly, impaling her throat on his cock as the load of his hot cum emptied in her mouth. She almost gagged, but I saw her swallow as she struggled to get him out of her. After several minutes, still holding her hair with one hand, he withdrew and taking the base of the cock with the other hand traces a slimy, glistening trail over her lips, coating them with his cum.

I didn't hear the door opening and was startled when the tall blonde woman that I saw the first night was brought in. One of the men told us her name was Sandy and told her our names. She was naked and had the same iron manacles on her as Susan and I did. I could see from her glistening thighs that someone had already had her.

They lined us up and snapped on chains that connected our collars. Then they went to each woman and placed our ankles in irons so that we had to walk with short choppy steps. One of the men spoke as they started us to the door. "This is the way that they took the slave women when they were to be bred. Sometimes they would invite other owners and overseers from the main island to take part and the breeding would last until daybreak. Some of the women would be unconscious when it was over and in at least one case a women was literally fucked to death. The ones who weren't pregnant returned the next month, to be bred over and over until they too were pregnant."

I was too shocked to say anything as they prodded Susan and she led the procession of Susan, me, and Sandy to the door. We went down the steps to the lobby and out the door. It was almost dark and dread filled me as I heard the drums in the darkness.