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Chapter 1

Greg had been working for a large Software company in Tokyo for the past 2 years. When he first came over from the States to Japan at the tender age of 23, the food, the smell, the noise and the people nearly drove him out of the country. After a while he had settled down and began to enjoy his Eastern adventure. He started to enjoy the culture, the cuisine and especially the Japanese girls. They were astonishingly beautiful, cute and slender. Greg was not a handsome guy. He was about average height, reasonably build, short brown hair and blue eyes...and these blue eyes of his were apparently the turn on for the Japanese. They adored him...and he adored them. Soon he enjoyed a lifestyle that nearly matched that of Hugh Heffner. Getting this amount of attention was new to him. Being a computer geek he often spend lonely times in front of computers at home. But that was no more. He had 2-3 different girls every week in his bed. One hot summer day on the beach, however, he met a girl that changed his entire life.

Her name was Hiroko. Unlike the other girls he had met so far she was plain. Plain as in having little make-up on and not having her black hair dyed, as all the other fashionable girls did. She was a natural beauty. Greg's eyes followed every move of hers. Her black hair was cut neatly and barely touched her shoulders and a plunging neckline came to view that made Greg gulp. When she leaned forward she revealed a wonderful cleavage. Her breasts were large and round, filling her black bikini top well. Most Japanese girls had small breasts but hers were just perfect Greg thought.

He continued staring at her from a distance. The sun burned into his back as he lay on the black sand of the beach. He didn't dare to move and was happy that he had decided to come alone. Without being disturbed he watched in awe at her spotless body. Her body was slim and slender, a perfect waist and a hot butt. Her face was beautiful. Her sparkling, big, dark eyes and her smile made him all warm inside. Not too much time passed until she realised Greg's stare and to his wonder she smiled and waved back to him. He grinned back and his heart was pounding.

Greg never liked approaching girls on his own. He was shy and never good at engaging small talk. In Japan he had won a little more confidence and was able to approach the opposite sex more easily...however, that was because they never really understood English.

Greg sighed...this girl was different. For the first time in a long while he was getting nervous. At the end of the day when most people around him had packed up Greg was left with little, he went up to her and started talking. With the best smile he could bring up at that time and all the friendliness he somehow managed to get her phone number. The first date was awkward for both of them. Both spoke in broken English or Japanese. But she was a blast. They enjoyed the fun side of Tokyo until late into the night. Greg found out that Hiroko was a University Student and three years younger than him. She was bubbly yet sweet and down to earth type of a girl. Throughout their dates she explained him Japanese customs and Japanese words. She made his life in Tokyo even more enjoyable.

After a couple of months Hiroko stayed over at his place one night. The room was dimly lit and Greg breathed heavily when he saw the dark contours of her body line in front of his bed. For the first time he saw her completely naked and she was beautiful. She stood there, perfectly still, naked, waiting for him. She was a little afraid and nervous. Hiroko looked at him. His skin was well tanned and muscular. Although her parents were sceptical about her choice she was certain that Greg was better than most Japanese men. Funny, gentle and loving he was more than she could ever wish for.

She had waited for this moment. The air in the apartment was cool and her nipples were erect. Her pussy twitched and she blushed when she realised that she was already getting wet. He came closer towards her and hugged her. His warm body felt like a protective cover. He gently guided her to the bed.

Greg was full of lust when he saw her in his bed. They kissed passionately. Her lips were wet and soft. His fingertips stroked gently her smooth skin from her shoulders down to the sides of her breasts. She let out a small sigh. Her body jerked a little when he touched her nipples. He cupped her breasts and couldn't believe how big and soft they were. It was an unbelievable feeling. He leaned his face closer and smelled her honey like scented body. He couldn't resist any longer and started to take her right nipple into his mouth. She moaned softly. His free hands roamed her body, touching every spot of her and finally moving down to her wet, dripping hot vagina. It was already well puffed up and another spark flowed through her body when Greg's finger touched her sensitive clit. A feeling of pure desire flooded her brain cells... her body heat rose and her breath became shorter.

Greg looked into her face. Her eyes were closed and her cheeks were rosy. Her mouth was slightly open and with every move of his finger on her clit, a moan of passion escaped her mouth. Greg's penis was stiff as a rock. He grabbed her legs and spread them open. Slowly he climbed between them and positioned himself on top of her. She looked at him and nodded. Greg looked down at her dripping cunt and pushed his long, hard dick, covered in the protective film of a condom, inside her. The sensation was overwhelming. She was tight, hot and soft...Greg nearly shot his load. Hiroko leaned her head back and screamed. She lifted her back and his penis glad deeper into her. He grabbed her butt cheeks and started to work harder on her. Her breasts juggled in front of him. Looking at her slim body, he fucked her harder and faster. Her tightness surprised must have been a long time since she had a good fuck, he thought. Suddenly he felt her cunt muscles tighten even more and suck his dick even more. Hiroko's body was covered with a film of sweat that shone in the light of the moon coming in from the window.

"AAAH..." she moaned out loud.

"Fuck... your cunt feels so nice..." Greg muttered.

Minutes later he came and gasping for air collapsed next to her. Happy, in love and with the thought of taking her in the morning again, Greg fell asleep immediately.

His relationship with Hiroko was going well as was his job. He was promoted and after their one year anniversary he proposed. Hiroko exuberant, said yes, and her parents finally gave in to their wishes. They welcomed Greg into their family. After their wedding and a dream like honeymoon on Hawaii, it was time for Greg to take his new bride back to America. His family, except for his cousin and an uncle were unable to come over to Japan. He was happy to go home and couldn't wait to see the faces of his parents and friends when they saw Hiroko. Yet unknown to him this trip to the States was going to be the end of his happiness.


Marty was in his early 50's. He was an ex-Marine and now worked as a successful manager for one of the largest military manufacturer in the country. Although his daily job required a lot of attention and time he never forgot to work out. He worked out in the Gym, had a healthy diet and a healthy workout in the bed. His body was muscular, tanned well and his blue eyes were sparkling with energy. He had a charisma that the ladies couldn't resist. He was a man who liked to do things planned, quick and efficient.

It was past 6pm and Greg drove down the street in his black Sedan. The summer was nearly over but the heat didn't seem to end yet. Stopping at a red light he checked his neatly combed brown hair in the back mirror. His blue shirt was still crisp after a busy day of meetings. A young woman in a tight, red tank top and black shorts passed gently in front of him on her roller blades. He carefully checked her out and felt a stir in his loins. He removed his sunglasses and watched her. Her blond hair flowed in the wind, her breast nipples poked through the red fabric...and looking down a little lower, Marty stared at a fine piece of ass. She disappeared around the corner and he sighed. He wasn't looking forward to go home. Since his wife had passed away a couple of years ago, home became more and more of an unbearable place. A quiet place with no life...he always felt old and lonely when he returned home. He wasn't looking forward to retirement that was lurking around the corner. Work was the only thing that kept him youthful he thought. For a brief moment he played with the idea of visiting his favourite establishment in town to let off some steam. His dick swelled up when the images of the lovely ladies hit his mind.

"Better get home...I need the rest for tomorrow..." he murmured and reminded himself of the important meeting tomorrow with the East Europeans.

When he drove up to his driveway he was surprised to see another care being parked there already.

"It better not be that damn reporter..." he hissed.

He parked his car next to the green Toyota Corolla and looked suspiciously into it. It was empty. He looked around. His house was fairly large and located in one of the rich corners of Washington's suburbia. The front yard was decorated with expensive looking trees and flowers that his gardener cared for nearly every day. He saw his neighbour's wife cutting some flowers and looking over to him. She must have seen her surprised look in his face.

"There was a young couple looking for you Mr. Kinnock." She said and smiled.

"A young couple?" he answered bewildered.

"Yes, I think your maid let them in."

"Oh...really...didn't expect guests...well, we will see...thank you Helen...!" he said and grinned.

The woman smiled back a little embarrassed.

God...that nosy lady knows everything...he thought. She was the wife of a young plastic surgeon and Marty had enjoyed her large assets a couple of times. He stared at her for a little while and played with the thought to fuck her again. But the news about the couple needed attention. He hurried inside.

The heavy door opened and the cool air from the AC hit his body. He sighed in relief. Tired he threw his stuff in the corner chair. The entrance hall was painted white and gave the first hint of the huge size of the house. An enormous chandelier hung from the ceiling that was around 5 metres above him.

As soon as he entered the hall, his maid Ursula from Germany came rushing in from the back of the house.

She was dressed in her usual attire of a white shirt and black pants. He trusted her a lot. Though she was nearly 60 years old, she was fast and reliable and that was something that he liked. To his surprise Ursula was smiling when she came in to greet him.

"Good Evening, Sir!" she said

"Evening...well, that's something I don't see smiling!" Marty said and grinned.

"Mr. Kinnock! A surprise...your son and his new wife are here! They are waiting for you on the patio. I served them some drinks. Would you like a drink as well?"

"Greg...!? Well, that's a surprise indeed"

This was the time when he saw her for the first time. Everything else seemed to fade out and only she came into focus. He breathed heavily. Out on the patio his son and daughter in law stood smiling.

"Good to see you again Dad! May I introduce you to my wife...Hiroko!" Greg said.

Marty nodded and smiled. She was shy and didn't quiet know if to give him the hand or hug him. Marty wrapped his muscular arms around her and gave her small body a good squeeze. He felt her breasts against his body.

"Welcome! It's good to see you finally! Greg told me a lot of things about are truly a beauty Hiroko!"

Marty said.

He looked at her. She was a little smaller than him, her head reached up to his chin. Dressed in a black, short sleeved shirt and white long skirt Hiroko looked gorgeous. Check out those curves...Marty thought. He had a swift look at her plunging neckline and saw the rising outline of her breasts.

That evening they had a wonderful dinner at home and talked late into the night. Marty was happy to see his son again and for the first time in a while the house didn't feel empty. He was looking forward having this new couple staying at his house for a little over a week. Marty, however, couldn't keep his eye from her. Hiroko was young and infatuating. In the candle light her Asian beauty was sparking fireworks inside him. His son was surely one hell of a lucky guy, he thought. He remembered the days in the army when he was stationed on the little Japanese island of Okinawa...those were the days.

"I think I better show Hiroko the bed." said Greg. "Japanese love to drink...but some like Hiroko can get easily drunk as you can see..."

Marty saw that her face was red and her eyes were hazy. She looked ready to be fucked...he thought and chuckled inwardly.

"I'm sorry...good night, Otosan (father)." She said in sweet English.

"Good Night, my dear." He said and kissed her on the cheek.

That night Marty's mind was filled with his new daughter in law. He imagined her naked on his bed, begging to be fucked, but his sons face came into his mind as well. She was his goddamn wife...if that connection would have not been there he would have taken his chances. But not like this...this was wrong. Though he lusted for her and to his dismay this lust was getting stronger and stronger as the days passed. No moment inside the house passed where he would smell her sweet scent, hear her voice and see her gracefully wander around. He would talk with her and dream about having her.


It was night and Hiroko stared through the open window into the night. The white curtains waved in the soft breeze. Four days had passed since they arrived here. She met a lot of new people and was glad to see Greg's happy face. It wasn't her first trip to America but she was still surprised at the size of the house. It was definitely triple the size of her family house back in Tokyo. Her English has improved greatly since she had met her husband a year ago and to her surprise so has his Japanese. They often talked a mix of the languages. She looked at him briefly, snoring away happily. The Jet-Lag was still causing her sleep problems and Hiroko sighed. Furthermore, the new environment was somehow nerve racking. She couldn't really relax and always felt obliged to be polite and keep everything tidy in the house.

Slowly getting up from bed she put her feet on the plush white carpet. She wore a small pink T-shirt and just plain blue satin panties. Greg always liked to sleep in the nude but Hiroko preferred to wear something. She had only slept once with a guy before she met Greg. She disliked having sex in truth...but Greg was always hungry for it. Often he would be too tired to do it after work and so they didn't have sex too much to her fortune. But now, on vacation, he was horny and ready to take her nearly every night. Tonight was not different. He'd rub her clit, get her wet, would fuck her and shoot his load into the condom and fall asleep. Not being used to have sex every night Hiroko's pussy was sore. She felt sweaty and disliked the smell of her own cunt after sex and was thinking about a shower.

It was late at night and Hiroko slipped out of the room. She decided to go down to the kitchen and have a sip of water before going to the bathroom. The lights outside were dimmed down for the night on the corridor. Hiroko stopped for a while and made sure Marty was asleep too before venturing out further with just her skimpy outfit on. After everything seemed to be quiet she went on to the staircases. The floors on the first floor were either wooden or stone and they felt cold on her feet. The kitchen was well stocked and she helped herself to a glass of milk and some cookies. Happily she munched and sipped on her night snack and looked around at Greg's family pictures in the living room. Greg looked a lot like his father, same hair and eye colours but his face was a little bit softer to that of his fathers. Also his father's eyes were stronger...and seemed harsher than his, however, he seemed to be a nice person, funny and polite...but yet she felt something else from him, which she really couldn't explain.

" were still up." Suddenly the deep baritone voice of Marty echoed in the dark living room.

Hiroko nearly spilled the milk onto the pictures. She turned around and somehow the shadow of her Father in law looked intimidating. For a brief moment she felt as if all kindness was gone from him. But as soon as he switched on the lights she saw his familiar warm smile.

"Couldn't sleep?"

Hiroko nodded. The sudden light blinded her eyes. Suddenly she felt naked in front of him just wearing a shirt and a panty.

"Me neither..." he answered. He tried not to look too much at her but the way she was dressed made that task more difficult. He passed a glance at her underwear...

Hiroko blushed and instinctively covered her panties with her hands.

"I'm sorry...I...I thought nobody is down here..." she stammered. She was embarrassed to stand like this in front of him.

"Here..." he said and swiftly picked up a blanket from the surrounding sofa and wrapped her up in it.

"Thank are kind."

Marty's cock was bulging beneath his silver bathrobe. He looked at her carefully. It was semi dark and he couldn't see much but she seemed to be a little scared. Her cheeks were blushed and her normally sweet scent was a little muskier today that stirred his lust in him.

"So, what are you doing up so late?" he asked her and offered her to take a seat on the couch. He sat down on a single sofa opposite to her.

Hiroko sat down and felt like a dwarf. The brown leathered couch was huge. Her body shuddered for a moment when her naked legs and part of her butt touched the cold surface.

"I still have a little bit of couldn't sleep too?" she asked him back.

"I see...I normally like to work at night, so this is a usual time for me to be still awake." Marty said and glanced at his wristwatch.

It was 2 AM. All this sexual tension in him was making him extremely aggravated. Work really wasn't on his mind. Looking at her smile at him awkwardly made him want her again. Just like back in Okinawa... when he was a young soldier, he once had taken a girl by force. He had raped her on the beach. Poor girl thought he really was in love with her...all he ever wanted was to fuck her crazy. He could still feel her narrow-waisted body, wringing in his arms, her long black hair tickling his face...and the tight cunt that he forced open with his dick. She fought and he enjoyed it. Afterwards he had threatened to kill her if she ever would speak about this incident and she didn't. He rewarded her by fucking her again and again over weeks. Marty sighed inertly; he was a loose cannon back then. But seeing a beautiful Asian girl again, brought all those memories back...and God how he wanted to feel those wild emotions again.

They talked a little more about her plans tomorrow, before both went upstairs again. He silently said good night and closed the door behind him.

Hiroko looked at the door for a while. Not having a wife and all of his children away from home must be pretty lonesome for him, she thought. However, she wasn't ignorant to not notice him staring at her a lot, especially tonight with that kind of an outfit on. She shook her head to get that weird feeling off her.


"Really weird..." Greg mumbled.

"What's so weird?" his father asked him at the breakfast table.

Greg came out onto the patio. His right hand was still holding the phone on which he just received a call from his company in Tokyo. The sun was out on the blue sky again. All three were sitting below a wide sunshade and eating a gorgeous breakfast made by Marty's house maid.
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