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I'm not that attractive, sure I have a pretty face but I've let my body go. I'm short and overweight, so I don't get many men coming on to me. But I'll tell you about one of my best sexual experiences and it might sound a little clichéd, but it did happen.

My flat needed some work done to it and I had some money left by my aunt in her will, so I called a handyman in and he went to work. It was going to take a few days and during the course of that time, Mark and I would chat and we became quite friendly. I was surprised at how relaxed I felt with him and our conversations became quite personal, with him telling about his marriage break-up and saying they were incompatible sexually because his wife had very little libido, etc. I jokingly said that my problem was the other way around; I had too much sex drive and nobody to satisfy it. He laughed and said that he wouldn't mind helping me out with that, so I said not to joke about it because I might take him up on it. My face reddened and I quickly changed the subject. Mark went home and I started to regret being so silly.

The next day, Mark turned up bright and early and carried on as if nothing had happened, so I relaxed again and after a few hours, asked him if he wanted a cup of tea as usual. We sat in the kitchen and talked about the work and other trivia, but Mark started to "um"and "er" a little. I asked him what was up and he said that he hadn't been able to stop thinking about what I'd said the day before about being sexually frustrated. So I tried to joke about it and he said that he was serious and wanted to help. We started talking about sexual fantasies and he told me about how he always wanted to be dominant towards a woman, but his wife wouldn't have any of it. Then he asked me what my ultimate fantasy would be. I didn't think I could say what it really was, so made something up about being outdoors. He could see this wasn't it, I had no real enthusiasm and couldn't describe exactly what I wanted from it, so he asked me again, but this time to tell the truth and not spare any details, so I confessed. Lately, I'd been having fantasies about being over-powered by 2 men and made to have sex against my will, while I acted naïve and submissive. He smiled a broad smile and suggested we were both on the same wavelength and he asked if I wanted to fulfil my fantasy the next day. I was a little nervous, but after discussing it for a while, I felt that I could trust him. We agreed certain conditions and a 'safe' word and talked about how far we could go. After he'd left I tried to forget about it, but I was so nervous and yet excited.

The next morning, I showered and got dressed in my everyday clothes, had a cup of coffee and waited. The doorbell rang and I jumped a little, but went to answer it and Mark stood there with another man. He introduced the other man as Darren and I let them in. Mark took me to one side and asked me if I was sure that I wanted to go ahead with what we'd discussed. I explained that I was a little nervous, but he told me not to worry as I was in safe hands and things wouldn't get out of hand, he promised. So I agreed.

The 2 men went about their work and had finished by midday. They came into the lounge and Mark said that it was all done and he needed to be paid. I asked him if he took Credit Card and he said that he'd already told me that he didn't, he needed cash. I suggested a cheque and he got a little angry. Then he said something quietly to Darren, who nodded and he turned to me and said that if I couldn't pay them in cash now, I'd have to make payment another way. A way that would satisfy both him and Darren. I tried to look nervous as both men sat on the settee, either side of me. Mark started touching my breasts, while Darren was unzipping my skirt. I squirmed and tried to get up, but Mark pulled me back down and said that I still had the choice of giving them the money, or they would help themselves. I tried to explain that I didn't carry that sort of money and so Mark ripped my t-shirt. I instinctively crossed my arms across my chest, but Darren had unhooked my bra and it was pulled roughly away from my body. Darren immediately started sucking on my nipples and I tried to push him away, but Mark picked up some flex they'd been using and tied my hands together. Next I was pushed face down onto the floor, my skirt ripped down the seam and discarded and next my knickers were torn off. I was naked and laying face down. One of them pushed my head down into the carpet and I lay there, while I heard clicking from a camera. Then I was turned over and by now, both men were naked. Darren had the camera and was taking pictures of me. They were both fully aroused, although neither was massively endowed (about average). Mark started to wank over my chest, while Darren clicked away. He spurted his cum all over me and then took the camera from Darren, who got me up onto my knees and forced his cock into my mouth. I gagged as he fucked my throat really hard, but he eventually came and I swallowed the salty, sticky fluid.

Mark had been getting his cock hard again and he pushed me onto my back, he spread my legs and rested the tip of his cock against my slit. Then as I squirmed he pushed his fingers deep inside me, making me wet and also giving me a good orgasm. He pulled my cunt lips open and pushed his cock deep into me. I groaned as he started slowly thrusting. All the time the camera clicking away and Darren was touching my tits and body. Mark fucked me hard and I felt his cock getting hot. Then he let go and spurted my cunt with his jism. He relaxed and rolled over, but by now Darren was taking his place, but this time he rolled me over and told me to get on my hands and knees. He didn't prepare me and just pushed his cock straight into my already wet cunt. His balls pounded my arse with each thrust and I came a good few times before he finally ejaculated. Now they were both satisfied and so was I.

So, when we'd all recovered, I stood up and both men kissed me and asked if I had got what I wanted. I had the hugest grin on my face and nodded. My hands were untied and I helped both of them get dressed. I stayed naked because I wanted a bath. They liked that and took advantage by sucking my nipples and fingering my wet pussy. But they knew I wanted to be alone, so I wrote the cheque for the amount that Mark and I had already agreed and I stood behind the front door as they left. I told them that anytime either of them needed to relieve their frustration to give me a call and I'm pleased to say that I still get a few odd jobs that need attending to. Although nothing as intense as that day.
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