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There was a bang and the front door opened. Michelle staggered through the door struggling now to keep her balance in her knee high boots; she was laughing and obviously very flirtatious now she was drunk. She staggered to her couch and sat, her tight skirt working its way up her thighs more and more as she slouched there.

"You opening that bottle of wine then?"

She cast her eyes over to Mark who was sneering at her and seemed to be finding her state very funny.

"Yeah, go on then we can have more."

Mark moved into the kitchen and opened the new bottle of wine. All night he had been thinking how good Michelle had looked, always wondering what it would be like to touch her. As he poured the glasses his mind was racing with the image of her slouched there drunk and openly flirting with him; maybe he would have a go...

Mark wandered back in the front room, wine glasses in his hand. He sat down close to Michelle who was lying there, legs slightly open, giggling and altering her top, revealing more cleavage. Mark could help looking as she did this, loving the view he got. She glanced over and caught him looking

"Oh, you like what see?"

"What?" replied Mark starting to turn red.

"You like my tits? You can't take your eyes off them, they turn you on?"

"I, I, hey what are you doing?"

Michelle's hand had wandered onto Mark lap and was rubbing his crotch stroking, feeling his cock grow to her touch

"You like this don't you?"

She reached down and started to unzip his jeans, pulling out his cock, which was now almost fully erect in her hand.

"What you doing? We can't do this here, lets move into the bedroom."

As Mark started to stand Michelle pushed him back down and lowered herself down; her lips tenderly touched the top of his cock, slowly taking him in her mouth. "OOOOHH god that's good!"

Mark thought he was going to explode as she slowly sucked him off, taking his full length deep in her throat; just as he was about to cum she stopped.

"HEY what you doing? You can't just stop like that!!!"

"Yes I can. It's not right what we was doing; I won't do it."

She slowly sat back watching him put himself away and watching his face slowly return to his natural colour. As the night went on the atmosphere grew less and less tense, Michelle still flirting, drinking another three-quarters of a bottle of wine. It was only when Mark went to use the bathroom did the real fun begin, well at least for Mark!

As Mark returned to the room after relieving himself, he sat back down and waited for Michelle to pass him back his wine

"Oy, come on I want my drink!"

There was no answer. Mark leaned over and prodded Michelle in the ribs, knowing she was ticklish there; still nothing. He leaned over and looked; there she was, eyes shut, completely out of it. Mark looked and slowly he laid her down on the couch. As he did so he could see more and more of her thigh. He couldn't help but run his hand up.

"Michelle, Michelle?"

No reply. Mark's hand moved up further; Michelle's legs dropped open. Mark could see straight up her lovely French knickers, the only thing stopping him from seeing her pussy. Mark had quickly decided there was no turning back now. He bent down in between her limp thighs, hands now firmly holding her tight ass cheeks, Mark slowly running his tongue down the inside of her thigh. Michelle laid there unmoved.

After much caressing and kissing of Michelle's thighs he started to rub her pussy through the lacy French knickers. It didn't take much; very quickly the moisture was easy to feel and there was a strong smell of her juices. Mark slowly moved the knickers to one side revealing her sweet pussy, running one finger up the side of her lips. Mark knew he would enjoy pounding her; he slowly pushed in the finger, sliding it in and out, finger fucking her pussy as she laid there completely out cold and at his will. Once he was certain she was wet and ready and was sure she was out for the count Mark lifted Michelle's limp body in his arms, enjoying the feel of power he had over her, and carried her into the bedroom. Her arm hung limp from her body, head flopped back, mouth slightly open. He placed her on the bed, her legs open.

Moving up to her chest Mark pulled off the tight fitting top revealing her large breasts covered by a matching red lace bra. Leaning over, the bra clip at the front was undone letting her tits burst free. It was now Mark could hold himself no longer; stripping quickly, he stood over her, his penis hard and fully erect at seven inches.

"I'm going to finish what you started earlier love."

With that Mark moved close pushing his cock into her unresisting mouth. Slowly at first he fucked her mouth, causing no response from the prone Michelle. It was only when he picked up the force did she gag a little. It didn't take long before Mark was ready to explode, pulling out just in time to blow his load over her lips and then onto her large chest!

Mark was not for stopping with just a go in her mouth. While he was getting hard again he pulled off the tight short denim skirt and then ripped the French knickers off, which caused Michelle to flinch slightly. Her pubic hair was trimmed nicely into a small triangle above her pussy. Rubbing her lips quickly revealed that out or not she was enjoying this; she was soaking with juices. Now fully hard again, Mark eased into position, spreading her lovely thighs open and guiding his cock into her wet, warm pussy. He could feel how tight she was. Pumping her body, her tits bounced with the impact of his cock; her head rocked from side to side. There were little groans now coming from the unconscious Michelle as Mark moved his hands up, holding her throat as he pounded her pussy. He could feel her pussy tighten and her whole body stiffen; she was actually coming as he used her! As she came her eyes opened; she was breathing heavily as Mark's hard cock slammed into her pussy.

"Ahhhhhhhhh, GOD, FUCK ME NOW!!"

Looking into her face Mark pumped her faster now, holding her throat. Her orgasm intensified and then as quickly as she started she was gone again, limp and only moving to the rhythm of the cock that was impaling her.

It only took another 5 minutes or so of pounding her tight pussy before Mark groaned loudly as he shot his second load of cum into her tight hole; the second wave was aimed again at her tits. Content for now, Mark found the handcuffs that she had teased him about having on an earlier night out. Firmly securing her to the bed head with two pairs of handcuffs Mark went into the front room and slept...

To be continued...


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Young Girls Getting Raped