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I'd noticed her a few times when I was at my mates place. She was my best mates younger sister.

Time went by I'd often get a glimpse of her. Over time, we began to say a few words, which of course, eventually developed into a lot of friendly chatter, and a closer relationship.

I was 20 at the time; she'd just turned 18. I was attracted to her, but I didn't think she'd ever noticed me in any other way, until one day, my mate says, "when are you going to ask Sandra out"? I was surprised, I said "what do you mean?" and he says, "she's crazy about you, you bloody idiot, and I can see you find her attractive, don't let our friendship get in the way, go for it".

I asked her out for dinner and away we went. Almost two years had passed. I tried many times to take things all the way, but although she obviously liked all my attentions, she just wouldn't let things progress that far.

She was absolutely stunning. To walk down the street with her, was to watch every male walking towards her, behave like an excited schoolboy. I'd often look at her, to see how she was taking all the remarks etc, but she seemed absolutely oblivious to the riot she was creating.

One day I'd gone around to pick her up from home. She was alone and was running late. She went to the shower whilst I watched the TV, all the time, fantasising about her being just a short distance away, totally naked, wishing I could go into the bathroom and take a peek, but I controlled my urges and stayed in the lounge.

This was the first time in two years Id ever been alone with her in the house, or anywhere else, which was private for that matter, other than the car.

The shower over, she returned to her room, and I heard her ask, "What dress should I wear?" Now being the sex starved, horny little bugger I was, having the most devious mind, I instantly calculated that question and realised, to ask it, she was either still naked or at worst, in her underwear.

My cock instantly hardening, I tried as casually as I could, to slowly wander towards her room, as I asked "let me see what you have" knowing damn well I couldn't have cared less, all I wanted, was to perv on this absolute beauty, her dresses were the last of my concerns.

I entered the room, trying desperately to act as disinterested as I could in where she was standing, so as not to give away my absolute intention, which was to see her as naked as possible.

I wasn't disappointed, there she stood, the sexiest girl I'd ever seen, in the prettiest white bra and panties, with the most gorgeous body, and try as I may to look elsewhere, I consumed her with my eyes.

Still trying to pretend I could handle the situation, like as if it happened everyday, I chose a dress, when she said, "Oh not that one, I'll have to change my underwear to wear that one" Still acting casually I said, "well I really like this dress" She then says, "well you'll have to go out whilst I change" quick as a flash, I said, "why? I'll see you eventually, lets face it, we'll soon be married, so what's the problem?"

It worked, her hands went behind her delicious back and I was to see her incredibly lovely boobs, the boobs I'd watched and felt through her clothes for two long years, and there they were, and they were perfect.

The blood had all left my brain, and rushed to my cock, but somehow it still functioned, so that I was able to take in and record, what I was watching.

Next came her panties, I just stood there, frozen in my ecstasy, my eyes all over her as I watched her strip naked in front of me. It all happened so quickly. Without saying anything, I was soon as naked as her and within moments, we were on the bed. Ohhhh the feel of her, the look of her, the smell of her, God she was so perfect.

We kissed, our tongues greedily entwining, our hands excitedly exploring and feeling each other, our soft, warm, young, flesh, rubbing and delighting to the touch of each others bodies. We were on our way to heaven.

I kissed her exciting mouth I heard her heavy breathing, I felt her lust in the moistness of her freshly showered, virgin pussy, and my cock jumped with each exciting, wanting, throb.

I kissed all over her body, whilst she drove me wild with her soft young hand around my cock, squeezing and tugging me, doing all she could to make herself seem capable and knowledgeable and me feel great.

As I'd touch her breasts, she'd touch mine, as I'd roll her over and lick her sweet arse, she do the same for me, it was heavenly having her following my lead and pleasing to know that whatever I did to her, she was going to do to me.

She was trying to be the perfect fuck, it was important to her that she did it right and with her lack of experience, she'd obviously decided, if she liked something, then I'd like it also.

It was the highest of highs, being with this naked, highly aroused eager virgin, beauty, knowing I'd soon feel the inside of her hot, wet, tight, pussy wrapped around my rock hard, throbbing cock.

Mmmm, the feel of myself wanting to penetrate her deeply, wanting to feel her responding, as my cock slid in and out of her, all the time knowing she was a virgin and not on the pill, whilst I wore no protection.

The thought of making her pregnant, only adding to the excitement of it all. Watching her lovely little animal behaviour, seeing she was so out of it, yet so into what we were doing, was incredible after two very long years of trying everything to get her to allow me to fuck her. Finally it was about to happen.

She was almost in a trance as I placed my pre cum oozing knob, at her firm, moist entrance. My cock was so sensitive to touch, so wanting to plunge into her, so wanting to fuck her brains out, but I managed to take it easy.

There wasn't any real need, she slid herself over my cock so easily, as if she were anaesthetised, she didn't even flinch, she was so wet from the arousal of all that led up to the moment, I was fully into her in a second.

I let myself enjoy her body and her hot wet, fully aroused pussy whilst I passionately kissed, and gently touched, all those parts of her, I could access, whilst fully penetrating her.

I wanted to ravage this delicious girl I wanted to be in her cunt, have her suck me and even take her arsehole, but all this would come if I kept up the arousing treatment I was giving her.

I slipped out of her, took my cock in my hand and slid it up her slit, to tease her with little passes over her very hard clit, then back down along her slit to her arsehole until I'd deposited enough pre cum to gently push at her arse, allowing only my knob to enter a little, then quickly withdrawing and sending her wild by sliding back up her to her clit.

A few penetrations and back to her arse. She was out of her mind with arousal, not the least bit resistant to anything I did. It was unbelievable for me to experience such things from my long awaited prize.

My mind was racing with all kinds of sexual fantasies, ideas, desires; I was going to fuck this girl in every way, before this event was over.

Back I went, wanting the forbidden butt hole, wanting every little bit of her I could get. Gently, oh so gently, whilst kissing her and sucking her, I managed to get my complete knob, just inside her butt hole.

I left it there whilst I continued my enjoyment of her and little by little, eased myself into her. It was so incredibly tight, I could feel my excitement from just behind my knob and the urge was, to keep pushing, to keep pushing until I'd penetrated her forbidden hole, all the way up to my balls.

Mmm this was so heavenly, so exciting, the feel of her lovely soft warm butt cheeks against me, it was so what I wanted, and from her absolute abandon, what she wanted as well.

I took my cock from her butt and slid it into her still hot and wet pussy. By now she was just a pleasure machine to me, by now, all I wanted was to thrust in and out of her until my cock exploded and filled her unprotected womb with the cum from my two overloaded balls.

I took her hand, placed two of her fingers on her clit, and showed her how to get herself off as my cock thrust in and out of her. She followed my instruction and together we both got hotter and hotter until we exploded with the most incredible climaxes.

We lay there in each other's arms for god knows how long, before we got into it again. It was as incredible as the first, but this time we spoke more and loved more. This was a nicer fuck, not a wild animalistic fuck like our first, but it was just as enjoyable.

We didn't go to dinner that night, we just fucked each other's brains out.

I'd finally caught the train and of course, now that I had, after riding it for a while, there was no reason to chase it any longer. I needed a new challenge.

I broke up with Sandra, but she just wouldn't let go. Naturally being a typical male bastard, it was great for my ego, and to add a little spice and I guess, to give myself that new challenge, I decided to take advantage of the situation.

I told her she needed to do things to excite me, to make me want to be with her and being as desperate for me as she was, she ignorantly agreed, not having a clue what I had in mind.

When a girl is as attractive as Sandra, not only the boys find her exciting.

I was an absolute hetro in those days, I saw a chance to double and triple my own pleasure, so I went for it.

There were two absolute Dolls whom I chatted with at a local club. On each occasion, they'd commented on how gorgeous Sandra was and more or less indicated they'd like to do what I was doing with her, so I spoke to the girls, told them of the situation and Sandra's promise to please me and my plan on how she'd have to go about doing that. The two girls were all for what I'd proposed so all I needed now was to set Sandra up for the fall.

I booked a great room at a very suave Hotel, wined and dined her and at the end of a very pleasant evening, took my gorgeous innocent victim to the room.

I passionately kissed and caressed her and when I felt she was ready, began to undress her. I now had her aroused and naked. I told her it excited me to think of her tied and blindfolded, in her desperation to please, she agreed to do it for me.

I wheeled out a large timber cross which I'd taken to the room and assembled earlier. It was shaped like an X. It had restraints at each of its extremities, into which I placed her hands and feet. At first she stood with the X behind her, but I got her to face it. When she was secured, I then took a blindfold and placed it around her head, ensuring she couldn't see a thing and then my fun began.

I took out four Video Cams and set them up around the room. I went to the door to let the two girls in, but to my surprise, instead of just the two girls, there were four guys and girls.

I gestured to them to be very quiet. They complied and we all entered the room. Sandra was naked, I'd folded the cross so that she was now restrained, bent forward, spread and completely exposed to this unexpected, large audience. She'd have died if she knew the real situation, she was a very decent catholic girl and very modest, but sadly for her, obsessed with me and willing to do whatever she could to be with me.

One of the guys tugged at the arm of one of the girls so that she followed him from the room into the bathroom. They returned with a bowl of warm soapy water and a razor.

They approached Sandra, gently placed a gag in her mouth, and proceeded to lather her arse and as much of her pussy as they could before shaving her smooth.

Sandra squirmed, shook her head from side to side, made muffled sounds through her gag, but the shaving continued.

Once smooth. They released her arms and stood her up. Two of the other guys held an arm each whilst one of the girls lathered her little bush and finished her shaving.

She wrestled and writhed, but to no avail. Tears streamed down her face as she slowly realised the situation she'd foolishly put herself in, but it was too late, there was no way out, she simply didn't have the strength to prevent what was happening to her, let alone escape with her lower legs still bound to the cross.

My cock was throbbing, I loved being able to stand back and watch her firm full breasts bounce about as she struggled with her captors.

When they'd finished, they rinsed her off, and towelled her dry, the vision was beyond description.

She looked so hot, so smooth and clean, what a vision. I just had to reach forwards and softly slide my fingers over her freshly shaved pussy to feel the smoothness for myself.

Whilst all this was happening, I hadn't noticed the other guy and two girls had left the room. When they returned, they were carrying a coffin like box. They took a belt with handcuffs attached from the box, fitted the belt to her waist and the cuffs to her wrists at her side. They then released her feet and cuffed them as well.

Sandra was placed in the box and we all carried it from the room to the elevator, which travelled all the way to the Basement, where it was loaded into a van. So much for my videos, but I guess I at least had the shave on them.

No one spoke, but all seemed to be fully aware of what they were doing and where we were going. Soon we reversed up to a roller door at the back of a large building, the box was unloaded and carried inside.

It was dimly lit and the room we'd entered was pitch black. With the door ajar, it was possible to see Sandra had been removed from the box. She was now standing with her hands hitched high above her head.

I was ushered from the room, climbed some stairs which led to what I thought was a kind of balcony when suddenly; I heard music and saw a set of stage curtains begin to open.

We were in a theatre, it was packed, I was in a balcony seat, and had a great view of the stage which contained only one thing, Sandra, hooded, completely naked, bathed in the bright light of the spot, legs apart, smooth shaven, and her arms stretched out and up wards.

It was the most degrading thing for her, she must have felt so ashamed so helpless, so abused, so scared, as hundreds of guys began to whistle and yell. My cock almost exploded I was so turned on by the vision before me, my heart felt like it would burst from my chest, it was beating so fast.

The four girls appeared, the audience went crazy. They each began to delight them selves on the feast they'd prepared, sucking Sandra's tits, licking her cunt, and anything else they felt like.

Sandra performed well, although she didn't realise it, she wriggled about, fought as best she could, making the whole scene an even better turn on.

The girls knew their stuff, they kept at her until she finally began to pelvic thrust, I saw the girls all smile, they then gave her the most incredible climax, it was so incredible to see her bound and gagged, her fully exposed and stretched body, jolting to each of her orgasmic spasms.

When it had subsided, she just hung there limp, shamed, used, excited all the emotions imaginable were rushing through her. Her body had betrayed her; she'd succumbed to the attentions of the girls, climaxing to the delight of the Audience of hundreds.

A Tub full of soapy suds was slid onto the stage. Sandra was lowered and placed into its warm water where she was washed by the girls. To see females soft hands sliding all over her body was just too much, it looked so erotic so sexy.

Sandra was at all times constrained, either by cuffs or by the four guys, and the hood remained in place, whilst the girls just drove her wild with their experience and ability, to do what only they knew, she couldn't resist.

I saw a table wheeled out, it had a kneeler at one end with wrist straps on it's top. Sandra was taken from the bath, lavishly attended to by the girls and when dry and fresh again, placed in the kneeler with her wrists secured to the table.

It was then I saw a guy come from the audience, he was taken onto the stage, the girls undressed him and walked him up behind Sandra's bent forward body. The guy was totally boned and wanting nothing more than to slide his obviously ready cock into her cunt.

He did this, he fucked her so hard, I could see her wince with pain as he almost drove it through the roof of her womb. He fucked her hard for almost five minutes before he came.

I was speechless, there was nothing I could do, how was I to know her brother would be in the Audience. What the hell would he do if he ever discovered what I'd done, not to mention what he'd just done to the hooded girl who was in fact, his own sister.

He took his clothes and disappeared off stage. I was so focused on him; I didn't notice what had begun. Much of the Audience was lining up, each guy was slipping his cock into Sandra, she was being fucked, over and over. I finally saw her pass out, but the line was still so, long.

Three hours later she was bundled into the van and we were both driven back to the Hotel.

The guys left, and the girls then told me they wanted to thank me for such a great night. Some five hours later, after each of them had made me cum, they left.

I woke to find Sandra sucking on my cunt soaked, cock. I couldn't believe my eyes and when I thought of the sight of her being fucked by her own brother, I came again.

She cuddled into me as my cock hardened yet again whilst my mind conjured up some more incredible uses for her. This time though, there'd be no hood. I wanted to see her face, as she endured her shame and my enjoyment.