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My name is Muriel. I am a 37 year old divorced mother of one. My son, Jonathan, is 19 years old and attends MIT in Massachusetts. I live on the West Coast. This past spring Jonathan and I took a cross-country flight to check out some Ivy League universities in the east. I had a tremendous fear of flying, but Jonathan was insistent that I come with him. We were only 18 years apart and we were more like friends than mother and son. His father left us when he was 9 years old and we struggled through life together. Jonathan was an excellent student and carried a 4.0 grade point average. He was highly intelligent and very dedicated to his studies. This left him little time for girls. And with my full time job and hectic schedule, my social life was non-existent. I did not have a date in three years.

We boarded a commercial airliner at Los Angeles International Airport. I was nervous to fly and had to take mild sedative. Although he never flew before, Jonathan was braver than I and did what he could to reassure me that everything would be all right.

Jonathan had grown into quite a young man. He was tall but a tad gangly looking. He stood at 6'-1" and weighed 165 pounds. He had his father's blond hair and deep blue eyes. He had a bright wide smile and he would be a very handsome young lad if he fixed his chronically unkempt hair and wore contact lenses as opposed to his thick horn-rimmed glasses. His face was pockmarked and he had an annoying nasal disorder, which caused him to gag uncontrollable on occasion. These unfortunate flaws contributed to his lack of success with girls. But as a loving mother, I thought he was a nice boy and would be a wonderful catch for a deserving young woman.

I decided to wear something comfortable, yet attractive for the five-hour red eye flight. I wanted to be comfortable so that I could relax more and I wanted to look appealing enough should I meet a nice professional man or even a pilot on the plane. I wore a sleek black Cashmere sweater dress with a turtleneck. It made me look slim and pretty. It went well with my auburn hair, which I pulled back into a French braid. Being a petite woman, I was only 5'-4" and weighed 115 pounds. I had a trim waist and sleek, sexy legs, which were covered in suntan colored pantyhose. I wore black patent leather pumps that made me look taller and accentuated the lines and curves of my legs. My breasts were a perfect set of 36-Cs, which were incredibly enhanced by my black satin and lace push up bra. I was 37 years old, but I had a figure to die for. I had brains to boot. I was a paralegal for a prominent law firm. I considered myself an ideal catch for any forty-something single male.

We boarded the flight and took our seats. I let Jonathan take the window seat, because I had no desire to look out during the flight. In my nervousness, as I sat in my seat, I forgot to smooth out the front of my dress and my hemline raised up high on my thighs as I settled in. A glint of white from my shiny nylon panties with lace trim peeked out from the dark triangular shadow beneath my dress. I caught Jonathan stealing a glimpse of my undies as he leaned forward and settled back into his seat. He blushed and smiled during the awkward moment, but he politely looked away. I lifted my posterior from the confining coach seat and stretched the front of my dress down to my knees to properly conceal my unmentionables. I didn't realize that the dress was that short. I sat back down and crossed my legs. I fastened my seatbelt tightly around my hips and prepared myself mentally for takeoff. Jonathan made himself comfortable and pulled out a science book to read.

We sat and waited for the remaining passengers to board. A man in his late forties took the outside seat next to mine. He was tall with short dark hair that was graying at the sides. He wore a gray business suit and a paisley silk tie. He had a pleasant smile and a deep voice. He sensed my apprehension and he kindly tried to put me at ease. He said he was in sales and was on a business trip to Boston. His name was Bob and he seemed to be a nice guy. We talked until it was time to take off.

Soon, the plane taxied down the runway and stopped. The engines roared to life and the brakes released thrusting the plane forward. We rumbled down the runway as we increased velocity. My fingers dug into the armrests. Jonathan placed his hand over mine a grasped it in order to comfort me. I swallowed deeply and concentrated on breathing evenly as the giant plane lifted into the air. I felt a heavy force push me back into my cushioned seat. The vibration of the plane caused my pussy and clitoris to tingle a bit as they were in close contact with the reverberating seat.

"OOOOOOooo!" I said expressed out loud. It almost was an erotic feeling. I closed my eyes and tried to picture pleasant thoughts. Within several minutes we were well underway. Once we leveled off, I felt more at ease. The plane seemed to slice through the air and I was surprised at how smooth the flight was turning out. A flight attendant passed out blankets and pillows. I took one of each and made myself comfortable. About an hour into the flight, the sedative kicked in and I drifted off to sleep.

I slept for two hours, but I felt I was out for two days. I awoke to the sounds of horrendous thunder and flashes of lightning. I was still very groggy, but I noticed that we were flying through a fierce electrical storm. I felt the plane bumping and jolting violently as we encountered turbulence. In between the bumps and jolts were periods of strong continuos shaking. The wildly vibrating fuselage sent waves of motion up through my seat and coursing through my body. I reached over and grabbed Jonathan's hand and held it tightly.

"We hit a big storm over Nebraska." Said Jonathan, "We are in for a bumpy ride."

"Great!" I said sarcastically. "I hope this plane can hold together."

A bolt of lightening flashed through the sky followed by a loud explosion. I jumped up and grabbed Jonathan tightly by the arm. He put his arm around my shoulders and cradled me. I was shaking as bad as the plane, but my son was doing his best to keep me from going crazy. He was so strong and mature for his age. I was proud of the man he had become and how well he was taking care of his frightened mother.

Then a bigger flash of light lit up the plane followed by a huge "BOOOOM!" The interior lights flickered. The plane rocked a dipped violently. I screamed. I was not the only one. Others screamed too. I became extremely frightened. I buried my head into Jonathan's shoulder. He held me tight. A loud creaking sound emerged from the back of the jet followed by a horrendous "BANG!" I saw a giant flame shoot past our window then disappear. The plane began to plunge downward at a rapid rate. The orange fasten your seatbelt signs pulsated and the oxygen masks deployed. People panicked and screamed. Women and children were crying. I began to cry uncontrollably, as I believed that I was about to die. Well, at least I would go with my beloved son, I thought.

Jonathan put on his mask, then he helped me with mine. Another deafening shriek of ripping metal ripped through the plane's interior, followed by a cold steady blast of air and water. Paper, clothing, and debris shot through the air like missiles. The sound of rushing air combined with the screaming jet engines was unbearable. There must have been a hole somewhere in the fuselage! The cold wet rain blasted my face and it felt like a thousand bees stinging my tender skin. The powerful blast of chilled air blew up my dress causing it to bunch up around my hips. The air felt cold on my thinly protected crotch and it blasted through my vaginal crevice chilling me to the core. I screamed, cried and prayed like crazy. I got really scared when Jonathan let out a shrilled shriek. For him to get scared, I knew that something was really wrong.

I leaned forward using the seat in front of me for protection against the stinging cold water and pressurized air. It seemed to shelter me somewhat. Jonathan leaned forward with me and placed one arm around my back. Suddenly, he stuck his other hand up my dress and planted it firmly in my nylon-covered crotch. He dug his fingers deep into my vulva. At first, I thought it was an accidental move - a mistake on his part. Perhaps the plummeting plane rolled and inadvertently jostled him and forced his hand into my crotch. But he did it again! And it was even harder the second time! Then he started to vigorously message my mound, which had become moist with perspiration caused by fear. I was on the verge of peeing my panties in sheer terror as I contemplated my last moments of life – and here was my son copping a feel!

Jonathan's hand grabbed a handful of nylon, panties, pubic hair and flesh, then forcefully ripped the crotch out of my pantyhose and panties. I howled in pain and fear as he pulled out a few of my pubes with my torn panty material.

"Oh my God! Jonathan what are you doing!" I screamed through my mask.

"Sorry Mom. I don't want to die a virgin!" He shouted back into my ear over the blasting wind.

He unfastened his seatbelt and undid his pants. He wiggled in his seat and slid his pants down over his knees. His erect penis stood up from his lap. He was huge! His engorged prick was over eight inches! He was quite different from the little boy that I raised from diapers through puberty. He was truly a man now. I was shocked at my reaction as I saw his penis and I caught myself staring at it. Jonathan reached over and unbuckled my seatbelt. He grabbed me by my upper arms, lifted me out of my seat, and slammed my exposed bottom down into his lap. His piercing cock found my vagina on the first lucky try and it shot straight up my slit. It felt like my pussy ripped open. I was dry and totally not ready for this. He quickly pulled some slack out of his seatbelt and fastened it over my thighs, strapping me on top of him. I was in utter shock, as I could not believe what was happening.

The plane kept its rapid decent as it shook and rolled from side to side. Jonathan began driving his hips into my buttocks causing his rock hard member to thrust deep inside me. It had been three years since I had a penis enter my vagina and it yearned for man. I never conceived in my wildest dreams that it would be the stiff stabbing cock of my very own adult son. He bucked in his seat and drove his pelvis into my rear. His cock coursed in and out of my vagina, which had suddenly become wet and lubricated. As he bucked me upward, the restraining lap belt over my upper thighs held me from being launched forward. The seatbelt began to cut into my creamy thighs. It acted like a sling shot when it flung me back into my son's thrusting lap. The violent shaking of the doomed plane caused an intense vibration that traveled through my son's seat, to his body, through his rigid shaft, into my pussy and throughout the rest of my body. My clit was caught between our vibrating pubic bones and the bone deep rattling sensation sent my sensitive clit in a tailspin of pleasure. Jonathan reached down and found my wet and exposed clitoris. He rubbed it rapidly with two rigid fingers. I happened to glance over at the man seated next to us and saw that he was staring at us and stroking his erect penis that poked out of his open trousers.

Pressure built up in my stuffed pussy and I felt it was about to explode. I thought of horrid yet strangely tantalizing visions of my treasured snatch being blow apart upon impact. I wanted the full force of the crash to be centered on my tender pussy as if I wanted to be punished for feeling sexual pleasure from being coupled with my son in a state of coitus.

I was very frightened, yet extremely exhilarating. It felt like I was on a roll-a-coaster and the whirlwind of sensations and emotions served to intensify the eroticism of this surreal situation. My pussy gushed and tingled with the overwhelming sense of pleasure. I almost forgot I was plummeting toward my death as I sat there impaled on my son's lap. At least I would die happy. I just hoped I would cum before we crashed.

Jonathan slammed me ridiculously hard and fast from behind. His force and momentum by far outweighed the pitching, rolling, and jolting of the out of control jumbo jet. I was being bounced and jerked in all different directions, but Jonathan clung to me tightly. I was totally restrained and under his control. He bent me forward and shoved his cock deep into me. He came with the severe twitching and contracting of his long lean body. His hot ejaculate shot up into my throbbing pussy and saturated my cervix. He let out a scream of passion that matched the roaring whine of a jet engine as the tremendous amount of pressure was relieved from his male genitalia. I immediately came after feeling his creamy essence bathing my inner walls and internal womanly organs. Our combined juices oozed down the sides of his shaft and leaked out of my vagina into his bare lap. I became limp and blacked out for a few moments.

A loud rumbling from the fuselage floor stirred me back to consciousness. When I regained my senses, I realized that the plane was not shaking as violently as before. Soon, the pilot got the upper hand of the situation and was able to stabilize the aircraft. We leveled off and stopped rolling. The air blasting through the cabin subsided. After a few minutes the pilot's shaken but coherent voice came over the loud speaker and said that we were out of immediate danger, but we would have to put down for an emergency landing at a nearby airport. He advised the flight attendants to prepare for an emergency landing.

I looked back at Jonathan, who was panting heavily. He was ashamed to look me in the eye. I felt him release his grasp from me. I took that as my cue to unfasten the seatbelt and return to my seat. I lifted myself off of his still hard penis. My pussy made a sloppy smacking sound as I did this. We were both very wet. My weakened legs trembled as I stood. I lowered and smoothed my Cashmere dress down over my thighs and flopped wearily down into my seat. I fastened my seatbelt and tried to listen for instructions by the pilot and crew. I looked over at Bob, the man next to me. He was quickly putting himself away and zipping his pants. The front of his lap was covered with globs of pearly white semen, which he tried to wipe off with a handkerchief. I looked over at Jonathan. His head was still lowered in shame and he refused to look at me.

"I think we're going to be okay now Jonathan." I told him reassuringly. He quickly glanced over at me with sad puppy dog eyes and looked down again. His lips quivered and his mouth opened and closed as if he was trying to find the right words to address this awkward situation.

"I-I am sorry Mom." He stammered. "I thought we were going to die." He lowered his head and began crying.

"Don't worry son." I said as I patted him gently on the backside of his forearm trying to comfort him, "Strange things happen to people during a time of crisis." I thought that was a dumb thing to say right after the words issued from my mouth. What can a mother say to her son after a shared experience like that? Then the only thing that was appropriate to say came to me. "I love you Jonathan. Nothing else matters." I leaned over to him and kissed him on the cheek. He leaned his head on my shoulder and cried. I caressed his teary cheek as we descended and approached the airport runway. The pilot advised us to assume the crash position and brace for a landing. We ignored the directions to brace and stayed in the same position, holding each other. I was no longer afraid. I felt a warm glow as I held my son. I knew things had changed forever between us that frightful night. But, I knew that we had become closer than ever.

The plane landed safely in some airport in the Midwest. We had to evacuate and slide down chutes to the wet tarmac. Several people were injured slightly, but fortunately no one died. Jonathan and I were a bit battered and bruised, but otherwise okay. We learned later that lightning might have struck the plane causing two engines to blow up. The concussion by the explosion cracked the fuselage and we lost air pressure in the cabin. We dropped 25, 000 feet in a few minutes. Fortunately the pilot was able to recover and limp the plane to the nearest airfield.

Jonathan and I were silent on the cab ride to the hotel the airline put us up in. We were both overcome with guilt. At the hotel, we checked in and got separate, but adjoining rooms. I dressed in my sheer white nightie and went to bed. I tossed and turned, not being able to sleep. I considered taking some of my sedatives, but decided against it. Instead, I got up, put on my robe and went next door to Jonathan's room. I knocked and he answered. He stood in the doorway nude with the exception of his boxer shorts. My heart raced nervously.

"Hey Champ. Can we talk?"

"Sure Mom. Come on in."

Jonathan stepped back and allowed me into his room. I closed the door behind me.

"Pretty scary night, huh?" I broke the awkward silence.

"Yeah." Jonathan said, looking down at his bare feet.

"You Mom needs a hug." I said to him. He looked up at me and moved slowly toward me. We embraced. "Please, just hold me." I said demurely. He held me tighter. I felt safe in his arms. It felt so good to be held. I dropped my robe and we climbed into bed together. We made love.

Jonathan went away to college this past fall. I miss him dearly. I will be looking forward to homecoming during the holidays.

Young Rape